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Learn how to read your baby's feeding cues

As any new parent can attest, newborns spend most of their first few months eating, sleeping and crying. Without the ability for babies to tell you exactly how they feel, parents are often left wondering if their baby is hungry, sleepy or requires some other form of attention.

To help parents recognize when their newborn is hungry, Cindy Zizek, a registered nurse with playtexmommyville.ca suggests looking for these cues:

• Rooting or snuggling at…


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Healthy snack habits can last a lifetime

Encouraging your child to eat healthy, nutritious foods starts when they are toddlers. The choices offered to very young kids can have an impact on their food preferences and eating habits as they grow. Experts suggest that making healthy snacks available to active, growing toddlers is key.

“For toddlers, snacking is especially important because they need extra fuel to keep them active throughout the day,” says Cindy Zizek, a registered nurse with playtexmommyville.ca.…


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How to boost your child's health naturally

Do the kids ever bring their lunch home half-eaten? Do they do this more often than you'd like? It's hard for parents to ensure their kids are getting the nutrients they need to give them energy, to keep them focused and able to perform their best at school as well as at after school sport activities.

“As a…


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It's raining cherries

They're iconic, delicious and only come around once each year. Many people say they can't stop eating them after they tear into a bag. Welcome to the delicious spell cast by Northwest cherries.

With cherry trees now in full blossom, a flavourful crop is on its way. Peak season brings an abundance of sweet,…


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Choose the best cherries and handle with care

Summer means sweet, delicious Northwest cherries are in season. A few tips can help you select the best and make them last for full enjoyment at home (if you don't gobble them up on the way from the market).

• Fresh sweet cherries grown in the Northwest should be clean, bright, shiny, and plump with no…


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Sweet cherries linked to health benefits

Cherries grown in the Northwest region of the United States are not only sweet, juicy and irresistible, they are also good for you. A low calorie, high fibre treat, the nutrient-dense sweet cherries are a powerful superfruit that research has linked to improving health and to fending off a number of serious diseases. Here's a…


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Stir-fry tofu for dummies

A return to the busy back-to-school schedule after the long summer break can be an ordeal for many families. Most moms turn to quick and easy meal choices to survive the weekday rush. The challenge is making fast and simple choices that are also healthy.

Hot dogs, burgers and macaroni and cheese are tasty quick and easy options but they are not always the most calorie-conscious and nutritious meal choices. Rather than relying on meat every time, more and more of us are…


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Top 5 healthy ways to substitute with tofu

The rising rates of obesity and other diet related ailments have caught the attention of Canadians as more than ever we're looking for ways to prepare healthier and lighter meals. Many people understand that an important way to eat healthier is to reduce meat and dairy in the diet, but confess, they don't have a clue where to…


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Are you a socially responsible host?

Now is a popular time to entertain friends and family at home. While the seasoned host may have planning down to a fine art, safety experts point out that Canadians often neglect an important consideration: liability.

“Liability coverage is something every owner or renter would find beneficial because it…


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The latest kitchen tool spells liberation

The ability to create a nutritious meal quickly is a worthy goal of every kitchen, especially when the household pace picks up in fall. So if you need a few pointers, let technology work for you, say specialists in this field. Today, the better kitchen appliances are multi-tasking too.

For example, the…


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Mushroom Care and Handling

Mushrooms are a kitchen staple that food enthusiasts always like to have on hand, but keep in mind, mushrooms are delicate. Take extra care to prevent bruising, preserve high quality and maintain great taste. Here are some helpful handling tips that will ensure your mushrooms are good and tasty:

• Always…


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Tips for Summer Snacking

The Summer Months are full of high-energy, outdoor fun. Camping, hiking, beach trips and walks in the park fill every day's schedule. Burning calories means you and your children are hungrier, more often and we are here to help. Mushrooms can give you the nutrients and energy you need to keep up with your family and the boundless…


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Try taste sensation Sausage & Asiago Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms are a classic, and conjure up culinary nostalgia. If you are running to and from various parties or hosting one of your own, here is an appetizer that will get rave reviews. These stuffed mushrooms will disappear in a flash, so bring lots.

I really loved the textures here: the crunchy cheesy topping, into the creamy, spicy filling and meatiness of the mushroom. Fun to eat, and bursting with flavour. The fennel and rosemary are perfect compliments to…


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Try an award-winning Greek wine under $12

One of the newest white wines to reach Ontario this year is cultivated on a high plateau in Mantinia, high above sea level in the Peloponese region of southwest Greece. Arriving with it is a red wine cousin from ancient Nemea, a mountainous island teeming with olive groves, cypress trees and vineyards. Both taste experiences are…


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Breakfast & back to school

It's back to school time for the kids, which means getting back into the routine of early mornings, packing lunches and preparing quick and healthy breakfasts. It's especially important for your young ones to eat a well-portioned, nutritious breakfast regularly to promote wellness for their developing brains and growing bodies.…


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Why bite into organic?

When you go grocery shopping are you like so many others who debate whether or not to choose organic foods? Do you ask yourself: 'What's the difference'? 'Is it worth the investment?' 'How can I be sure it's actually organic?'

September 22-29 is National Organic Week so this is a well-timed opportunity to…


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Better breakfasts for better grades

Minutes matter when it comes to getting kids out the door and on their way to school, but this shouldn't stand in the way of a well-balanced breakfast.

Children need proper nourishment to give them energy for their growing minds and bodies. The value of starting the day with a healthy and nutritious…


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Looking for nutritious choices? Reach for the stars!

We've all been there – you head to the grocery store intent on making healthier food choices and face rows of overwhelming nutrition claims. Low in saturated fats, reduced sodium, source of fibre - the onslaught of information can be difficult to navigate.

“It used to be enough to list nutritional…


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Keep your child's lunch box peanut-free

It's back to school time again! Aside from buying new clothes and school supplies, you may want to consider what to pack for your kids' lunches and snacks - just make sure it's peanut-free!

These days it's not uncommon for schools to completely ban peanuts and peanut products. With food allergies affecting…


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