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Zenfone 2 can run Windows 7

Not only can it run Windows 7 product key, Zenfone 2 also has the ability to install Windows 8, even Windows 10.

A member of XDA has successfully installed Windows 7 on Zenfone 2 (code ZE551). Although no error occurred but the machine runs quite slowly.

In addition to being able to install the Windows 7 operating system, the person also said the process can be changed to install…


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More than 100 users sued Microsoft because Windows 10 damaged the hard drive

More than 100 users in Illinois are suing Microsoft and demanding compensation of up to $ 5 million. These people said they were forced to upgrade to the operating system and thought that was the cause of their computer is broken, lost all the data.

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system has been free for a year since its launch in July 2015. Microsoft, however, is using a variety of ways to convince users to upgrade to Windows 10 even if they do not…


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Microsoft officially "killed" Windows 8

If you are using a computer running Windows 8 operating system, users have reasons to upgrade to the newer version of Windows because today from January 12, Microsoft will officially "death" and stop supporting release. Upgrades and patches on Windows 8.

Starting today, Jan. 12, Microsoft will officially stop supporting Windows 8, which means that Windows 8 PCs will no longer receive updates or patches released from Windows 8. Microsoft itself. So, despite the appearance…


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Microsoft gives users the ultimate opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 free

If you are using older versions of Windows such as Windows 7 or 8 and want to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10 then you need to quickly do this because Microsoft will only allow users to upgrade to Windows 10 free to 31/12/2017, that is, more than a month.

Windows 10 was officially released on July 15, 2015, and within a year of its release, Microsoft allowed users of older Windows versions to upgrade to Windows 10 completely free and this upgrade time was ended on July 29,… Continue

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Windows 8 is "drowned out" in the birthday of 2 years old

October 26 marked the two-year milestone Windows 8 was introduced, but on this occasion, Microsoft's PC maker Dell is taking advantage of Windows 7 advertising, with the slogan "Windows 7 for the winner "On his website.

Dell has just taken a move probably will make software company Microsoft is not very happy. On the second birthday of Windows 8 (released on October 26, 2012), instead of saying "good" for this operating system, the US computer company is trying to…


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Windows 10 Product Key Free Download

Windows 10 product key generator helps you activate Windows 10 with product key. Moreover, if you do not have internet and worry how to get a Windows 10 product key, then you will get here. Now, you do not need to worry about it and get a Windows product key 10. The product key activation in Windows is more pleasant than the Windows product key…


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Is Windows 7 really safe?

Windows 7 is still the most promised Microsoft operating system to date. Is that really reliable?

Although the operating system is regularly updated Microsoft security patches periodically, but there is still a lot of information that Windows 7 has many holes exist. However, there is no official test to prove this problem.

Until recently, when conducting some tests on Windows 7, Bkav security experts have discovered that hackers are still able to exploit vulnerabilities and attacks on… Continue

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Privacy Control in Windows

Although Windows 10 is available free of charge to Windows 7 and 8.1 users within a year, in return, Microsoft will have plenty of user privacy data.

Although Windows 10 product key is available for free for Windows 7 and 8.1 users for a year, Microsoft has a lot of private data in return.

Free Windows 10 is a purposeful strategy of Microsoft - Screenshots

So how can you enjoy…


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Windows Phone 7.8 video running on smartphone

Although the Windows Phone 8 operating system has been released, the Microsoft software giant has just released the new version of the Windows Phone 8 operating system, and created a less feature-rich version for older machines.

Instead of creating a version of Windows Phone 8 cut down the less important features to satisfy users, the company of Bill Gates just released version of Windows Phone 7.8 for the old line.…


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RIM will produce phones running Windows Phone 8

RIM (Research in Motion), a well-known Blackberry maker, is facing serious problems and corporate financial downturn. According to the new information, RIM will postpone the launch of BlackBerry 10 operating system until 2013 and cut another 5,000 jobs. This situation caused a bigger loss than expected and made RIM deeper into the problem.…


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Microsoft vows hardware with Apple

Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer is no secret of his intentions ahead of Apple's rival.

Having made a number of statements in anticipation of Microsoft office 2016 product key dominance in the enterprise and enterprise software market, Ballmer stated, "We will not allow any piece of cake, though. small (fall into Apple hands) ... Can not be the…


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How to find your Windows or Microsoft Office product key

Finding long, complex license keys for Windows and software suites like Microsoft Office can be a nightmare. For those who have problems with the purchase of pesky product keys, here is our guide on locating your Microsoft Office product key.

Locating your product key when installing Windows or software packages such as Microsoft Office can be an absolute pain. How many of us have…


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Windows 7 Home Premium is best suited to most users

This version is considered reasonable because it only requires 1 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM or more, 16 GB free hard drive and 128 MB graphics card to run Aero application.

Windows 7 Home Premium product key offers a broad spectrum of features to help you experience the most advanced Windows 7 features and utilities, such as the Aero Pick (preview applications on mouse-over to the open application on the…


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Office 2013 does not support Windows XP and Vista

Office 2013 features a Windows 8 product key-specific metro interface, which supports transition mode from PC to tablet using Touch Mode.

The launch of Office 2013 (code-named Office 15) reflects most of the development trend of the PC industry today. If its metro interface is designed to optimize the user experience on both traditional PCs and tablets, the built-in SkyDrive storage…


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How to activate Windows 7 without keys

Windows 7 product key must be enabled for use after 30 days. You can use the "rearm" command to extend your activation grace period. Note that the rearm command can only be used up to 3 times, extending your activation time to a maximum of 120 days.

1 Press ⊞ Win and enter "Cmd" in the search bar. The command prompt will appear in the search results.

2 Right-click the Command Prompt list and select…


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How to find the product key and serial number with the viewfinder

1 Extract the program from the Keyfinder Thing ZIP file

Open the Keyfinder Thing ZIP file after the download is complete.

Note: A ZIP file is a single file that contains compressed versions of one or more files. In order to use the file (s) included in the ZIP file, the file must be unpacked. There are some programs that do this and you can install a program. Because of this, you may have to follow slightly different steps to "unpack" the Keyfinder Thing ZIP…


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Customize Internet Explorer 9 on Windows

Internet Explorer was the most popular browser before Firefox and Chrome appeared. The browser has a lot of features that fit the needs of the user. Let's take a look at some very useful features in Explorer 9 and how they can help improve the user experience.

Pin websites to Task Bar

If you need to use multiple daily web sites especially when using multiple email accounts and need to check frequently so why not pin these sites to Task Bar for easy…


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Nokia's Windows Phone 8 smartphone screen

Nokia's Windows Phone 8 smartphone framework shows a 4.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels or 800 x 480 pixels.

Just a few weeks before the Nokia World event, rumors of Finnish phone maker Windows 8.1 product key products were mounting.

Nokia's Windows Phone 8 screen frame is revealed by hardware maker Nokia for ALPS. Besides the new…


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Microsoft says it does not track installed applications on Windows 8

In response to a concern about the SmartScreen feature on Windows 8 product key that can reveal user information, Microsoft has recently voiced its protection policy and claims that it does not intend to "build an IP database." Users as well as track the applications that users installed on the machine.

Recently, Canadian security expert Nadim Kobeissi has published details of his research with…


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Windows 8 is the most important product in Microsoft history

The CEO of the US software firm is confident that Windows 8 product key is more successful than the "Windows 95" monument.

"Windows 95 is the biggest thing we've done in the last 20 years, but I think Windows 8 will definitely surpass it," said Steve Ballmer in an interview with The Seattle Times. Microsoft executives are confident that he has no idea whatsoever other than the success…


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