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Conventional Fiber Lasers

Laser processing in the application of food machinery has the following advantages: safety and health, laser cutting is a non-contact processing, which is very clean, suitable for food machinery production; cutting slit, laser cutting of the slot is generally 0. 10 ~ 0.20mm; cutting surface smooth, laser 303 cutting cutting surface without burrs, cutting all kinds of thickness of the plate, and the truncated surface is very smooth, no…


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Conventional Fiber Lasers

High-brightness fiber laser processing of high thermal conductivity material, it is best to use a small spot to maintain the stability of the welding hole, but this processing may make the process is too intense, resulting in a large number of welding splash. Experiments show that high-brightness laser pointer with high-speed positioning of the remote scanning head, significantly…


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Laser Cutting Machine in Decoration Industry

In this study, a cadmium sulfide (CdS) line with a diameter of 204 nm and a length of 15 μm was used as the core design of the optical cavity (Fig. 1). The high refractive index of the nanowires causes the incident light to have a high reflectivity factor at the end face and be guided by the nanowires. This arrangement forms the Fabry-Burrow cavity, which, when activated by an external light source, forms a laser. The …


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How Dose High Powered Burning Laser Weapon Work

How Dose High Powered Burning Laser Weapon Work

Laser weapon is recognized as a new weapon with great potential, and it is recognized as "the ability to change the rules of operation".

Laser Pointer Most Powerful

Burning Laser Pointer Advantages

1. Fast. "Shells" at the speed of light attack (with a speed of 300 thousand kilometers per second to a target transmission energy) and almost don't need time to heat, which avoids the missile and artillery weapons need to calculate in…


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How to make laser sword

Patrick from Germany (Patrick Priebe) using a portable burning laser which called LaserEyes laser glasses, to paid tribute to the X-Men X.Patrick uses custom goggles as the foundation, combined with highly efficient HTPOW Laser that can burn the skin, it is also known as "mad and dangerous".LaserEyes also set up a weak laser as the target indicator, it can also make the…


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National Development of High Energy Burning Laser

High energy burning laser weapons are mainly composed of high energy laser, precision tracking device and beam control system. The key technology of high energy laser weapons development are power, excellent beam quality of the laser, precision tracking device, light weight and anti radiation beam launch control system, laser beam radiation to the target.Laser weapon…


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Does American Laser Weapon is the Strongest in the World?

Chinese Laser weapon

Laser weapon is the most likely ones to be used in the actual combat, and it has a very important role in the future war! At present, the highest level in the world is the United States and russia. For semiconductor lasers for military optical fiber communications in the mid 1960s began to develop, in 20 years China has developed a CO2 laser,…


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Advanced american laser weapon.

According to the Russian satellite network reported that the U.S. Navy recently announced that in the Persian Gulf, the "LaWS" amphibious ship on the 5000mw Laser Pointer weapon system successfully passed all tests. It has been on duty since December 2014. The power of the system is still very low. Technology strategy and analysis center…


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Outdoor waterproof laser product.

I own both a red and now this Laser Pointer and the difference between the two is just amazing. This green laser is completely visible in the daylight hours while the red isn't. The dot shows up nicely to about 150 yards. At night the beam itself is visible out to about a mile or so. Mounted to my MP5A4 it…


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