And taking the pale moniker in just making stuff up word taking different direction which I haven problem with I mean there's many different philosophies in many things in life but when she starts taking a monitor to it and calling it something that's really not think that's where the confusion comes in and I was always intrigued by the people who were call themselves Paley on prime one said well we really don't believe in endurance training that's just with blackline elite the human body was never meant to be that mall you have never take in a class I'm basic body movement of human beings because actually were built  endurance if anything that is what weare built for because we're slow I well we get these cranium center Eddy weren't meant to go really fast iraq'sif it's even worse than what he say now where it's only just in journo species is that they're leaving now a lot of bloggers and people in general leaving now exercise altogether there to get exact it's supposed to be haunter-gatherer diet yet they forget about exercise and we’re just focusing on controlling their autoimmune disease but imagine how much better.


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