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BlurSPY is a special Android keylogger designed for monitoring electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets. This is a breakthrough in the spyware market. It is easy to use and affordable. BlurSPY has a variety of features, including exclusive features. In addition to tracking calls, messages, GPS locations and online activities on social media, this keylogger can also block inappropriate content and applications, screen time limits, and more.

How BlurSPY Can Help Its Users?

To support Android users more straightforwardly complete parental monitoring, employee monitoring and home safety work, this Android Keylogger app delivers the benefits of monitoring and delivery by both experts and customers.

The app was created for parents who care for their children, and employers and business owners who are concerned about the confidentiality of company information. BlurSPY is compatible with all Android devices (different tablets and mobile phones) and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod). BlurSPY is considered to be the best keylogger for Android.

BlurSPY Android Keylogger has grown into a mature spy product that provides parents, guardians, employers, managers and more Android users with an understanding of kids' behavior, understanding employee behavior, finding out the truth, etc. Android Spyware even for users Provides an opportunity to retrieve lost or stolen Android by sending them Android Finder or Stealer information when he/she operates their device.

The application operates on the principle that the keylogger records all online and offline activities through the target device. After capturing the data, the app uses FTP, your personal account or emails to send data. With this Android spy, you can track photos, messengers, videos, browsing history, GPS locations, profiles, messages and news feeds, conversations on social media networks.

Many problems can be solved. With the help of this kind of Android keylogger, many doubts can be eliminated. Worried that your child or other important person is too confidential on his or her mobile phone? Confidential information about your company has been disclosed to your competitors. Do you doubt your employees? BlurSPY is the best solution for all such problems and concerns.

Features of BlurSPY (Android Spy)

Record Keystrokes Typed      

BlurSPY archives the keystrokes and passwords entered on the target Android device. This feature makes it informal to recognize what your child has talked about online. You also know if they hide something about you, like cyberbullying.

Log Websites History

The app records websites visited with the help of Android Chrome, iOS Safari or Android Stock browser.

Spy Live Call Recorder

Track SMS and call history. Apps logs send and receive SMS text messages and arriving and leaving calls on Android devices and iOS devices. Listen to live calls through BlurSPY secretly live call recorder.

Monitor chats and conversations on messengers and social networks. You will be able to access all messages sent or received via WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Line, Kik, Hangouts, Line, Facebook, etc.

Keep GPS Locations

Track GPS place of the target phone. Keylogger will track the GPS and show the coordinates of the target phone on the map.

Captures Screenshots

Associated to the log in text mode, the actual snapshot of the iPhone screen engaged by BlurSPY displays the user accurate indication of how the iPhone is being used. Allow iPhone Keylogger handlers to understand all content on the target iPhone, together with participating IM chats, social networking events, and more. You will get a more all-inclusive impression of the work done.

Send Alerts by Email

Send the log straight to your email. Entire logs can be directed from time to time via email. In fact, occasionally you can't physically access the target device and you can't check the logs. However, you can organize email delivery and govern the periodic interval at which logs are acknowledged. Given the size limit of email attachments, you will only get 20 final screenshots. The core advantage of sending logs straight to email is that private data is extra secure.

Remotely check logs via FTP (iOS only). Via this technique, the keylogger uploads all the logs as well as all screenshots to the specified FTP site. This is very suitable because of the control of the FTP service, you can receive all screenshot and capture all the activity on your target phone or tablet.


Secure and Easy-to-use Android Keylogger

Security issues are always a top priority in the application development process. The spy app promises operating system security and log data. It has undergone extensive security testing by anti-virus solution providers and secure download centers, and it turns out to be 100% free of malware/viruses/adware!

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