Best Recipes When Cooking With West Australian Octopus

With Octopus salad, pickled octopus, and many more, West Australian Octopus probably has the best collection of delicious octopus recipes that you need to try before the year runs out.

Perhaps, the reason why West Australian Octopus is growing in popularity as king of octopus worldwide isn't just because of their widely-known octopus recipes but also because of the way they sustainably catch their octopus in the pristine water and prepare them in the state of art facility located in Western Australia.


Why West Australian Octopus?

Chefs from around the world regarded West Australian Octopus as the best they've had. Of course, the reason for this is simple: The Company has the best recipes on earth for cooking delicious Octopus. When it comes to making your octopus stand out, you stand a good chance of achieving it using on of West Australian well-known recipes. A well-prepared dish of West Australian Octopus not only tastes fantastic, but it's also great for your health.

You need to eat more octopus, not just because of the taste but the health benefits that come with it. Consistently eating octopus is a great way to give your body exactly the nutrients it needs to function well and fight off diseases and illnesses. This is possible because octopus is high in valuable nutrients such as protein, iron, vitamin B12, minerals, copper, calcium, potassium, and even Omega-3 which you cannot find in other foods.

In recent years, Octopus has gone mainstream. You really don't need to find octopus restaurant before you can eat one. Nowadays, you can easily cook it in your kitchen and eat octopus every day to improve your overall health or impress your visitors. Just get your octopus from us and then follow our recipe below to cook a delicious octopus you and your family will love.


Best Recipes For Cooking Octopus

Below, you will find the top recipes for cooking delicious octopus. You can use any of these recipes when cooking octopus prepared and sold by West Australian Octopus:


  • Octopus Salad
  • Braised and Chargrilled Octopus Oregano
  • Pickled Octopus
  • Octopus with Paprika and Sea Salt
  • Octopus Chorizo and Potatoes
  • Pan-Seared Octopus With Italian Vegetables Salad


Let's see how these recipes work:

  1. Octopus Salad

Generally requires about 30 minutes for preparation and then about one and half hour for cooking. You need some experience though before you can try this recipe but it is very delicious. Octopus salad is made by cooking the octopus low and slow. The tender octopus tentacles are the star of this hearty salad. You will definitely love it.

See Recipe Instruction


  1. Braised and Chargrilled Octopus Oregano

If you have two and half hours, you can cook 4 serves of braised and chargrilled octopus oregano as far as you have previous experience on cooking octopus. It is one of the most delicious octopus recipes you will ever taste. The cooking process is quite easy and you may get it right at the first attempt. If you love grilled octopus with a little smoky aroma and a slightly crunchy texture, you will love this.

See Recipe Instruction


  1. Pickled octopus with cucumber and black olives

Perhaps, this is the most difficult octopus recipe but it is very easy to understand why. Cooking pickled octopus with cucumber and black olives will take almost 5 and a half hours. You need about 9 different ingredients and a good experience at cooking octopus. Pickled octopus with cucumber and black olives when cooked well, will turn out to be the most delicious octopus you will eat.

See Recipe Instruction


  1. Octopus with paprika and sea salt

You can make Octopus with paprika and sea salt if you can follow instructions excellently. It takes about an hour or more. It is relatively easy to cook compared to other Octopus recipes listed above. It tastes very delicious too.

See Recipe Instruction

  1. Octopus with Chorizo and Potatoes

With 1 hour 4 minutes at your disposal, you can cook delicious 4 serves of Octopus with Chorizo and Potatoes. This recipe is a smart, delicious, Spanish-infected way to cook octopus you get from West Australian Octopus. If you find other recipes listed above difficult, you should try this one, it is relatively easy to make. When it is ready, don't forget to enjoy it with a fruity Spanish rosé.

See Recipe Instruction


  1. Pan-Seared Octopus with Italian Vegetable Salad

You need 2hr: 30 minutes to completely get this recipe ready but it definitely worth it. It takes long, require lots of experience but definitely worth the effort. Pan-Seared Octopus with Italian Vegetable Salad will definitely make your day.

See Recipe Instructions


Final Words

West Australian Octopus remains the best octopus you can cook right in your kitchen. This recipe can be delivered to your location once you make your order. Once your octopus arrives, you can use any of these recipes listed above to cook it.

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