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Original Title: Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

Genge: Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Horror,Mystery









































Simon Belmont discovers that, even though he defeated Count Dracula in the original Castlevania, he is now under Dracula's curse and must collect Dracula's body parts and fight him again.
In 1987, two games were released that pushed RPGs in a very different direction. One was Zelda 2: Adventure of Link, a game which merged the overhead map screens of the original Zelda with 2D side scrolling dungeons and an experience system allowing the player to customize their Link. The second was Dracula II, released in the US as Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest.

For any who played the game when it was released, the name alone brings back either fond or hateful memories. Like Zelda 2, Castlevania 2 took the tried-and-true side scrolling action of the original and built on it with an experience system that allowed Simon Belmont to grow in strength through the course of the game. Simon could also accumulate hearts from fallen enemies with which he could purchase upgraded weapons and various special weapons (which were used to enter new areas) from the scattered merchants of Transylvania. And if that's not genius enough, Castlevania 2 featured a progressive time system, by which enemies would become much stronger and more dangerous during the night, while NPCs would only be available during the day. Transylvania was also a complete world the player could explore at their own will, creating a non-linear adventure with multiple endings.

The plot of Castlevania 2 is certainly one of the most unique for the time, and probably even today. Before Dracula died, he placed a curse on the land that its nights would be covered in evil until his resurrection. Simon Belmont, determined to resolve the situation once and for all, must search the land for Dracula's various parts, each hidden within a complex castle, and use them to revive the bloody Count only to kill him again, thus lifting the curse. The body parts also worked themselves into the game play, allowing Simon to use Dracula's parts for various purposes (for instance, Dracula's Rib is a shield used to deflect missile attacks).

With such groundbreaking game play and an intriguing plot, how could a game like this go wrong? Although Castlevania 2 didn't depart as drastically from its original game play as Zelda 2 did, it suffered the same problem -- fans of the original. Unlike the linear, Mario-like plat former that the original Castlevania was, Simon's Quest required the player to do much backtracking and experience building, things RPG gamers are used to but plat formers are not. At the time, there weren't many fans of this action-RPG style.

Another crippling factor of Castlevania 2 was a common problem among games of its time, but compounded to the nth degree in this particular game. That factor is its translation. Castlevania 2 did not feature obvious puzzles (like Resident Evil's 'you see a square hole on the crank, so you must find a handle with a square plug'). One puzzle in particular requires the player to kneel near a cliff to reveal a staircase leading down to a new area. The hint to help you solve this puzzle, given to you by one of the many NPCs, is "Hit Deborah Cliff with your head to make a hole." Needless to say, if you managed to beat this game you either cheated, played the Japanese version, or did so by accident or hand of God.

Still, Castlevania 2's solid game play, morbidly original plot, and minimal learning curve made it a blast to play for anyone into RPGs, but the rest of the gaming world would have rather forgotten it, preferring instead the branching stages of its sequel (Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse in the USA, but lacking a cardinal in Japanese, instead called 'Legend of the Demon Castle'). Little did anyone know that Simon's Quest's game play would be picked up 10 years later and fashioned into one of the greatest games ever made, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Nocturne in the Moonlight), which has become the set standard for 2D Castlevania games.

Castlevania 2 was a game as ambitious as it was basic, but was released at a time where its innovations could not be fully realized and appreciated. For that reason, this is one of those games that you either love for its ingenuity or hate for its faulty execution. This game is the first sequel and another entry into the popular Castlevania series of games. It is also considered by many to be a vastly inferior sequel to the original as many complain about many of the new features in this one. Even Angry Video Game Nerd has reviewed the game twice during the run of his show. However, I enjoyed this entry to the series and liked the new touches. A sequel should be different to the original in some ways otherwise you are just playing the same game. I look at the original Super Mario Brothers 2 that was released under the title Super Mario Brothers: the lost chapters as a prime example. It is essentially the same game with nothing added to the mix except for extreme difficulty and poison mushrooms. This one has Simon wandering the Transylvania countryside searching mansions for the remains of Dracula's corpse. Seems poor Simon has been cursed, and to undo that curse the remains of Dracula must be destroyed! Again. You go through many towns, and the townspeople are about useless in helping you in your quest. I completely agree with AVGN about this, though I still enjoy talking to all of them. Some do sell you weapons, upgrades to your whip and other useful items, but figuring out how to get to some of the mansions is just hard! However, of the three Castlevania games released on the NES this is the only one I was able to complete. However, I never really played the third one all that much, I rented the first one all the time. Enjoyed it a good deal, but I could never win it. This one is much easier in that regard and like I said it is a different sort of game. The third one would be a bit more similar to the first game, but it too added enough features to keep the game different and fresh. The music in this one is excellent and makes one wonder why other NES games get so lazy with the music by playing only one tune throughout the game. Even AVGN will tell you the music in this one is good. So for me, an enjoyable entry into the Castlevania series, though my favorite by far is Super Castlevania.

Because he was cursed to destroy the curse he needed to figth Dracula again


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