Fried Rice with Ham and Dried Shrimp


• 57g honey-glazed ham

• 38g dried baby shrimps

• 38g conpoys (dried scallops)

• 57g green onions, chopped

• 38g fresh green peas

• 38g Chinese XO chili sauce

• 228g egg whites

• 228g rice, pre-cooked and cooled

• ½ tsp. salt

• 1 tsp. chicken powder


• Lightly beat the egg whites, set aside.

• Dice and stir-fry the ham, set aside.

• Deep fry baby shrimps until crisp, set aside.

• Rinse the conpoys, coat with cornstarch, deep-fry and then tear into shreds. Set aside.

• Heat wok again, add oil and, when hot, sauté chopped onions and peas. Add rice and stir fry until hot (about 5-6 minutes). Add other ingredients with the exception of the conpoys. Fry together until hot and season with salt and chicken powder. Dish out, topped with the crisp conpoys.

Serves: 4

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