Dating Ukrainian Women: Three Things to Focus On

Successfully dating Ukrainian women requires three things. These include looks, money, and game but not in the way you think. All three are attainable by any man and it doesn’t matter if he is classically handsome, rich or charismatic. What the trio comes down to is being an attractive, intriguing and independent man who can take care of himself and a family in the future. Once you work on all three elements and continually strive to be a better you, you will find that you can get any woman you want. Sounds good right? Let’s talk more in depth.


First let’s discuss looks because whether you are meeting Ukrainian women online or in person, physical appearance determines a woman’s first impression of you. That’s just the way the world works. For that reason, put your best self forward. You just want to ensure that your best self is your genuine self rather than portraying a false image of yourself to Ukrainian women. A few examples include dressing up for photos in clothes you would never wear, staging photos to make yourself look more attractive, etc. Instead, practice self-care so you’re comfortable in your own skin. Otherwise, you’re presenting a fake version of yourself. When you do this, you run the risk of disappointing the woman or women you build relationships with. Realizing that a man isn’t how he presented himself online is disappointing.


As for money, it plays a role in how attractive a man is to a Ukrainian woman or any woman for that matter, but it isn’t because women are gold diggers and trying to take your money. In fact, most Ukrainian women are financially independent and are way too proud to accept money from a man. That being said, they are drawn to successful men because they are thinking of the future. Most women eventually want to settle down and have a family of their own. In Ukraine, women are taught that once they are married and have kids, they should stay home to raise the children and maintain the household. If they don’t have a partner who is hardworking and driven with a promising career, that dream can quickly become a nightmare. Think about it from a woman’s perspective. If you got married and had a family how would you like it if your partner contributed little to the household and you had to support them while also juggling other responsibilities? It isn’t a pretty picture, right? So, instead of leading with money in the form of extravagant gifts, expensive dinners, bragging about your house, and how much you make in a year, talk to her about your career, what you do and give her some insight on how you live without bragging or oversharing.


As for game, it’s all about finding your style. Some do better when they take a more aggressive approach while others play up their shyness. Play your cards right and you can even make cerebral work in your favor with some charm thrown in. Identify one part of your personality that makes you, you and go with it. Furthermore, there are general tips anyone can use to improve their game when dating Ukrainian women. Tip one is to evade some of her questions with humor. This may not sound like a good idea but leaving a woman without all her questions answered instantly adds intrigue. As a result, you’ll leave her wanting more. Additionally, when you’re going to talk to a Ukrainian woman online or in person, have a story to share before talking to her. This not only helps keep the conversation going but it gives you some control over the conversation which will work in your favor plus a good story makes you more interesting which drastically improves your dating game.

And there you have it! Make these three things your focus and you will have a lot of success with Ukrainian women. Scratch that – your dating skills will be top notch before you know it. Ukrainian women are amazing, so you want to enter that dating niche knowing a little more about how to stay on a woman’s mind. In a pool full of excellent options, you want to succeed.

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