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Genge: Action,Comedy,Crime,Mystery,Romance,Sci-Fi,Thriller


































The Home Office is mystified when a diplomatic courier dies defending a satchel full of mundane documents. Steed and Cathy follow a trail of clues from Jamaica to Bogota, Lima and finally to Santiago in Chile to solve the crime.
A British courier dies defending a diplomatic pouch, but the unopened satchel contains only routine documents - or did it contain something vital that is now missing? Steed and Gale follow the trail of foreign agents from Jamaica to Bogota, Lima and finally to Santiago in Chile.
When a courier taking a diplomatic pouch from Washington to Santiago is killed in Jamaica it is far from obvious why; there was nothing of obvious interest to a foreign power in the case. On the assumption that the attacker will have another go at acquiring the case Steed, who just happens to be in Jamaica, is given the task of taking the case to Santiago. He is assisted by Cathy Gale who flies in specially. As they head south attackers try to steal the case in Bogota. Then in Lima, Steed sets a trap for the villain but is surprised when he finds somebody else has killed the man who broken into his room and photographed the documents. They must continue to Santiago to discover who wanted the documents and why.

I rather enjoyed this story; the exotic settings gave it the feel of an early James Bond story… even if apart from some establishing library footage of each location it is clearly shot in studios. The idea of a group plotting a coup in Chile is plausible and when we learn just what the plotters were attempting to steal it makes sense. There are some laughs to be had; mostly as Steed torments a functionary who is trying to keep him in the consulate in Santiago. Patrick Macnee and Honor Blackman are on good form as Steed and Cathy; the latter stood out particularly not just because we see her wearing surprisingly little for a programme of this era… she also speaks in what sounded like decent Spanish, at least to somebody who doesn't speak that language! The rest of the cast are solid enough. Overall I'd say this might disappoint fans of the more surreal episodes but I really enjoyed the more realistic story. June 1962, and "Death Dispatch," fourth episode shot for the second season of THE AVENGERS, features the debut of Honor Blackman as Mrs. Catherine Gale, here revealed as an anthropologist and, according to Steed himself, "attractive widow, blonde with blue eyes." Douglas Muir returns as Steed's most frequently seen superior One Ten, making an even ten appearances overall (five episodes each in seasons 1 and 2, last seen in "Immortal Clay"), who shows up in Jamaica to put Steed on the route of a murdered courier whose diplomatic pouch escaped theft, later joined by the exceptional Catherine Gale. We go from Jamaica to Bogota to Peru to Santiago, where the determined Miguel Rosas (Richard Warner) seeks to gain political power by assassinating an American envoy. The plot is barely serviceable, so the interaction between Steed and Cathy easily provides all the intrigue. We spy on Cathy in a bra and half-slip (shades of Janet Leigh in "Psycho!"), a glorious sight that US censors would never have allowed, and her phone conversation with Steed is only the beginning of their sparkling repartee. She does some spying on her own, disguised as a Spanish-speaking maid, only temporarily successful, her capture forcing a rescue by Steed, who must first escape temporary confinement from mild-mannered diplomat Travers (Gerald Harper, later seen in "The Hour That Never Was" and "Homicide and Old Lace"), a delightful comic encounter. Michael Forrest, as a bartender who gets roughed up, later did "The Hidden Tiger," while Geoff L'Cise, as a thug who accosts Steed at the Bogota airport, later did "The Gilded Cage." The first Blackman episode shot, but the ninth to be broadcast, featuring dull villains completely dominated by the two leads, a sign that better things lay ahead for the series.


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