The patch adjusted the positions from kick off, which is great. 

It added player instructions to ultimate team, also great.
Defending needed nerving, especially vs dribbling, but after the patch the "assistance" is on a whole other level.

I recorded a match in which I played a division 3 player whose W/L ratio was around 1:1, so purely mathematically speaking he was an average player in one of the TOP divisions.

I didn't do ANYTHING when he had the ball, not even R1/RB, I could have LAYED DOWN MY CONTROLLER or gave it to my FUT 15 Coins dog for that matter.
SHOCKING, the opponent was unable to score, unable to create a significant opportunity, in fact, I won 4-0.
Just think about this last two sentences for a second and try to fully understand what just happened, how insane is this?
Was on plain balanced too, not even park the bus or defensive.

He tried 1 2s, lob passing, sprinting, regular trough passes and when he became desperate, long shots.
I'm not gonna claim and say he was a great player, but still he was division 3, not division 9 or 10.
Should that even matter is an interesting question.
IMO if I dont do ANYTHING even a div 10 player who sucks ball should walk it into the net over and over and win 20-0.
I'm also not gonna claim you can defend without doing anything every game, but the fact that I was able to do this against a division 3 player, says a lot about the level of defending "assistance", and how many times the CPU defends FOR you, yes FOR you, in a regular match.
I imagine if you just hold contain in division 1, you are very rarely going to conceed more than 2 goals, and possibly only 1 most games, especially if you set the mentality on (ultra) defensive.

So the question we should probably ask ourselves is: is this still defending ASSISTANCE, or is this the cpu defending FOR you.
Surely its not first option, as that would imply I actually had to do something.

Look at 0:42, ramos intercepting that pass.. (where is the anticipation, and reaction of the USER rather than the CPU being the one who reads the game well and understands football?)
Also look at 3:45, thats no longer assisting, that is the CPU chasing and pressuring.
In other matches I've also seen auto SLIDING tackles to intercept passes, not regular tackles, SLIDING tackles.

Players with high stats should make it easier for you, indeed.
Finishing with ronaldo should be easier, passing with xavi, dribbling with messi and defending with silva.
But there is a crucial distinction between assisting / simplyfing and doing it FOR you.
The defenders shouldnt be defending for you, the higher stats should make sure it is easier for you when you control them or that they are positioned well so that you can intervene properly in time with him YOURSELF when YOU anticipated and reacted accordingly.
That may even include 2nd man press, but come on, players with high vision/passing dont make killer passes by themselves, players with high finishing dont score amazing goals by themselves, they ENABLE YOU to do that with them.
Defending should be exactly like that.

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