Does American Laser Weapon is the Strongest in the World?

Chinese Laser weapon

Laser weapon is the most likely ones to be used in the actual combat, and it has a very important role in the future war! At present, the highest level in the world is the United States and russia. For semiconductor lasers for military optical fiber communications in the mid 1960s began to develop, in 20 years China has developed a CO2 laser, burning laser pointer , fiber ring laser, steady frequency laser, far infrared laser, Wang Daheng in 1974 led a delegation visited the United States and Canada, strong domestic laser device is introduced in this paper has been hit, the neutron, impressive and Chinese experts said the two countries have been at the same level.

HTPOW 30000mw Powerful Blue Laser Pointer

1986 Polish built carbuncle peak power more than 1012 w intense pulsed laser test device, general Zhang Aiping named "Shenguang" China new generation fly Maio ultrashort ultraintense laser device has been in 1996 by the Shanghai ray machine is developed successfully, and passed the acceptance, which is a symbol of China's strong laser technology and embarked on a new level. China had made greater progress in the field of an intense laser weapons(such as the 5000mw Laser Pointer ) and possesses the preliminary production ability, then China may has the capacity to threaten coastal activities for the United States, "Aurora" super high-speed strategic reconnaissance aircraft.

Powerful airborne laser weapon system

One of the most notable is the high power airborne laser weapon system. 603 is responsible for formulating construction scheme of the airborne laser weapon, The development of combat command system and a series of other related airborne systems, installation of Laser Sight weapon components, according to the needs of the military refit transportation (transport) platform, but also of each subsystem integration. Among these, one of the most important components is the firing control system. In addition, the company will also host the construction of a strong laser ground support system. In order to implement the construction plan of the airborne laser weapon system, and to compile the system program for the automatic control of the laser weapon.

Chinese experts believe that the airborne laser weapon system must be able to independently find, identify and destroy incoming ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and various types of aircraft within 400 km. According to the plan of Ministry of Chinese Air Force Commander, equipped with laser weapons of the aircraft will be mainly used for patrolling security area of the 100 km away from the front line, after the capture of airpower. The position will move toward the more close to the front of the local. According to the Chinese air force estimates, to ensure that the 24 hour patrol in the area of the missile threat and the implementation of continuous monitoring of the enemy, at least 5 equipped with a new aircraft equipped with organic 200mw Laser Pointer weapon system. 

In order to ensure the operational effectiveness of airborne laser weapon system, in the base of these standing will store plenty of aviation fuel and produce strong laser beam of chemical reagents. Each set of airborne laser weapon system includes: a frame by Boeing Y8-600F modified large fixed wing aircraft, a composed of 14 components of infrared laser generator and a set of operational command system, a composed of a variety of active and passive photoelectric detection and tracking devices of firing control system, and guidance system and some support equipment. Because of the laser weapon system equipment, the shape is also very special -- the nose fairing is designed into the spherical, below the installed emission device. According to the Chinese air force, the installation of the YAL-1A on the focus of the lens to reach 1.5 meters in diameter.


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