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Original Title: Resident Evil: Dead Aim

Genge: Action,Horror,Mystery,Adventure



































Four years after Raccoon city's destruction, an ocean liner, has been infested by the T-virus stolen from Umbrella's labs by Morpheus D. Duvall. Unless his demands are given, he will launch missiles carrying the virus to the US and China.
I think this is the greatest achievement Capcom has had with the lame Survivor series. Number one was too short, number 2 didn't even make it to the states, number 3 wasn't even resident evil. But this one takes the cake, really makes up for the screw ups before. I bought the bundle with the gun, and I played it non-stop. This is one of the funnest games I have ever played. GO GET IT NOW!!
This is the second "Resident Evil"/first-person shooter I have played, and (In My Humble Opinion) it is much better than the previous one (the above-mentioned "Resident Evil: Survivor"). It blends RE's traditional 3rd-person action with the 1st-person shooter style of "Survivor", which is very handy. "Survivor" was all FPS, all the time, which can get nerve-wracking, especially when you're fighting multiple enemies. In "Dead Aim", you only enter FPS to fight. Tap the trigger (R1) once to aim, and again to fire. If you don't like the odds, you can turn and run away, or fight back if the bad guy has grabbed you, then turn back and resume the battle.

Since it's for PS2, both analog sticks come into play; the left one for movement (if you're "old-school" like me, you may prefer the D-pad), and the right one for changing your aiming point, which is represented by the crosshairs on the screen. You can use the Right and Left buttons on the D-pad to strafe, but using Forward and Back will move *you*, not your aim point, and you'll revert to 3rd-person action.

Carrying stuff is a little different in this game, since the only limit is on the amount of ammo clips you can carry; a total of 6 slots are available, and that space has to supply *all* of your weapons. You get 3 different types of 9mm handguns, one .50 caliber Magnum handgun, one shotgun, one Assault Rifle, one Grenade Launcher, and a Plasma Rifle. Handgun ammo is plentiful, and the save areas carry an infinite amount. Otherwise, conserve whenever possible (especially Magnum ammo), and also keep plenty of health items in reserve.

There are only two really tough boss battles in this game; the rest of the action is pretty standard. Just be careful not to get too close to the really huge boss, and be patient when fighting the really fast boss (you'll see what I mean).

This is a good game for "Resident Evil" enthusiasts, and the learning curve is not very steep. There are three difficulty levels (Easy, Normal and Hard), which allow you to familiarize yourself with the game without getting killed too often. Overall, I give it: 10/10.


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