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Free call on Facebook Messenger not working with Lollipop Update- Get it fixed

How is that your Facebook messenger not working after the recent Lollipop update? There must be a reason to it. Well, most of the updates are rolled out with the objective to enhance the user expereince. Once you updated your device to the latest version of the Android, some of the apps seem to misbehave.

For instance, Facebook messenger, which you normally use to make calls is suddenly stops working. Despite making repeated attempts to fix the issue, you fail. It is almost frustrating and there appears to be no immediate solution. Fortunately, there is a way to resolve this issue and it’s fairly simple. If you really want an instant solution, then it would be a good idea to contact Facebook help center .

Fixing the Issue of Free Call on Facebook Messenger

One way to fix the problem is by getting the Developer Option enabled in your mobile device.

  • In order to enable the developer option, you need to find the Build Number, which you can easily locate on the Android settings menu.
  • Once you find the build number, make sure to tap on it on a continuous basis for seven times.
  • When you are done clicking seven times, you will get a message -You are a Developer Now.
  • Now go to the Settings page and click on Developer Options.
  • In the Developer Options page, just scroll down a bit and click on the option UseNuPlayer.
  • Do check if by default it is ticked.
  • Make sure to untick the box.
  • If you are done, restart the device. You will now be able to make the Free calls on Facebook messenger.

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