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Original Title: Halo 4

Genge: Action,Sci-Fi



































After being awoken from cryogenic sleep, Master Chief crash lands on a planet infested by aliens known as Prometheans.
4 years after the destruction of the final Halo and the ending of the Covenant, Master Chief is woken by Cortana. The war is over, he Covenant has been reformed, and there are new Spartans. The Covenant boards the ship, and Master Chief is forced to retreat. He crashes on a new planet populated by a new race of warriors- the Forerunners. Now, these surviving Forerunner Machines and the Covenant begin attacking the UNSC, and the Master Chief is forced to do his job- leading the UNSC's forces against these new enemies. History and secrets will be revealed, another new enemy will come to light, and the Chief will do his best to save humanity, again.
I want to make it very clear that I have only played... Two, maybe three levels. However I feel that there is more then enough to warrant a review based on that.

So Halo 4 brings back The Master Chief... somehow, he awakens in a freezing pod... It's been a while since I played Halo 3 but didn't he finish the game by sitting down and resting after getting onto the ship? So Cortanna wakes him up and for some reason the Arbiter said "f##k it" and changed sides because now The Covenant are at war with humanity... AGAIN! He then manages to survive falling from a spaceship to the nearby planet via gravitational pull and survive. Cortanna then reveals that she is expiring as an AI and he must run around the planet trying to get help.

Basically the gameplay in the first few missions are so easy it's ridiculous. I wagered with myself to save ammo by running up to enemies and hitting them instead, Think that's crazy? Well it worked! I think that's the reason they got in enemies climbing on walls and flying - you can't hit them. Oh and don't get me started on "Yes, falling off a spaceship, crashlanding onto a planet with almost no protection aside from body armour is something we'll let fly but jumping off a cliff and surviving after that wearing said body armour, pfft it's impossible to survive that." The characters and plot, I didn't play all that much of it but (and I hope I don't get any flak for saying this) but The Master Chief is barely interesting. He's just this badass that can apparently survive planet re-entry without anything except body armour... NO! I am not letting that go. Basically the only thing which I liked is Cortanna, the subplot of her expiring is actually tempting me to YouTube all her cut-scenes because all I have to say is that the plot of an AI dying while it's owner copes with it deserved to be in something much better then this.

Basically, while Halo Reach started off easy, that didn't start out the game by ripping continuity to shreds. I guess it's trying to do something entirely new with the franchise and... okay, I'd support it wholeheartedly but why couldn't they do it by having a scientist re-create said SPARTAN experiment successfully facing a new enemy while The Covenant aids you, because I barely knew what was going on in the opening cutscene. The plot itself is boring but if you desperately want to see a character you liked for 13 years slowly die then this is where the game succeeds. Okay, first off for Halo 4. I think that all around it was a good game, but things that I think that they messed up with was how they had multiplayer set up. 343 made Halo 4 play like Call of Duty, by giving you a built in sprint ability, killstreaks, taking out the feel of Halo in my eyes. Halo used to be the rush for the power weapon of the certain map, that was super fun running in trying to get the sword in Halo 2. Halo 3 they gave you equipment which were good, and not overpowered which added a new element on the battlefield. Halo: Reach started to change a bit, but they kept the Halo feel in it, they gave you a loadout with the standard spawn in weapons and armor abilities giving you a choice on how you wanted to play, but they also kept the rush for the weapons on the map. Then Halo 4 took all of that out, you had all you needed with you (killstreaks for weapons, and power-ups) taking out the rush element that always made Halo fun, this is solely my opinion. the Campaign was pretty good though, too short for me


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