How Dose High Powered Burning Laser Weapon Work

How Dose High Powered Burning Laser Weapon Work

Laser weapon is recognized as a new weapon with great potential, and it is recognized as "the ability to change the rules of operation".

Laser Pointer Most Powerful

Burning Laser Pointer Advantages

1. Fast. "Shells" at the speed of light attack (with a speed of 300 thousand kilometers per second to a target transmission energy) and almost don't need time to heat, which avoids the missile and artillery weapons need to calculate in advance.

2.Flexible. high powered laser weapons can intercept multiple targets in a short time.

3.Accurate. Coupled with the precise orientation, the beam energy can be accurately focused on the target, or even a specific part of the targets. Electromagnetic interference almost does not affect the operational capability of laser weapons.

4.Adjustable. By changing the power of the 10000mw Laser to achieve different killing effects (from the soft sensor to the hard kill). In other words, the laser weapon can be different when striking different targets, or different parts of the target.

5.Cheap. Every launch only cost 5$.

6.Easy to handle. 200mw Laser weapon is a precision strike weapon that can destroy targets instantly.

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