How to find the product key and serial number with the viewfinder

1 Extract the program from the Keyfinder Thing ZIP file
Open the Keyfinder Thing ZIP file after the download is complete.
Note: A ZIP file is a single file that contains compressed versions of one or more files. In order to use the file (s) included in the ZIP file, the file must be unpacked. There are some programs that do this and you can install a program. Because of this, you may have to follow slightly different steps to "unpack" the Keyfinder Thing ZIP file.
If you have not installed the file extractor, the built-in ZIP extractor in Windows product key prompts you to extract the files contained in the ZIP file into a new folder. Follow the prompts given to complete the file extraction.
2 Run the Keyfinder Thing program
After extracting the Keyfinder Thing ZIP file to a folder, open the folder to view the contents.
You will only see a file named KeyFinderThing.exe. You may not see the EXE file extension, so just make sure you see the file. If not, download and extract the Keyfinder Thing ZIP file.
Double-click the KeyFinderThing.exe file to run Keyfinder Thing.
Keyfinder Thing does not actually install on your PC - it simply runs. If you have difficulty locating the file, it's the file with the hammer and wrench icon as shown in the screenshot above.
Note: The figure above shows how the folder with the extracted Keyfinder Thing application file looks like in Windows Vista. If you are using a different Windows operating system, your directory may not be the same.
3 See your product key and serial number
After a short scan, the Keyfinder Thing displays the product key and serial number for the program that it knows. Your Windows operating system key will be one of the keys displayed.
The PC that I use as an example is a Windows Vista machine but no additional programs are installed. Your computer may display a number of other serial numbers.
Documentation of your product key and serial number
Once you've found your product key and serial number, print it out and keep it somewhere safe! No need to go through this process twice.
Tip: Are you having trouble using Keyfinder Thing or can not find the serial number you are looking for? Try another free product key finder. Keyfinder Thing is great but if it does not work as you expect it is not much use. Another free lock search program can find what you are looking for.

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