How to Fix: Cannot Attach Files in Outlook Email?

In 2013, Microsoft replaced the original name of Windows Live Mail or Hotmail to Outlook. Outlook is a web based application used for email, calendar, tasks and contacts. It has 400 Million subscribers as of now. Most of the business and institutions still depends upon Outlook. At times, it’s been noticed that you are unable to attach any file when you try to send a new mail to someone. Let’s find out how to fix it if you get the same situation in your near future.

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  1. If you are using the 64bit of Internet browser then try using the 32 bit of internet browser.
  2. Make sure about the size of the attachment, It should be less than 25MB
  3. Try installing Silverlight on your system and then try again.
  4. Try another browser rather than Internet Explorer.
  5. Clear the temporary files, cookies and history of the browser in your system.
  6. Make sure about the strength of the connection. There should be no latency in the network.
  7. If you are using any virtual private network, try deactivating it.
  8. Try using “private browsing mode
  9. Avoid any proxy connection if possible.
  10. Update the internet browser with the latest updates available.
  11. Use genuine antivirus software.
  12. If you are behind any firewall, ask your network administrator to white list the Outlook network so that your system can communicate with the Outlook servers easily.
  13. If you have configured some other email client to Outlook verify the server settings, port and authentication.
  14.  If you are attaching multiple attachments in one goal then try it one by one.


If none of the above works, contact our dedicated 'Outlook Experts’... .” They will diagnose and troubleshoot the problem sooner than later. 

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