I have a goalkick I can easily give a long Fifa 17 Points Account ball to my RW and I can easily take control on the ball. While in real life there is constantly contact between players off the ball. I donmy;t see that in FIFA 15.- Increase and decrease of income, fans, sponsors etc.I like to start in the 3th or 4th division of England and make my 1 star team a Champions Cup winner. But I miss those 2006, 2008 options to upgrade my stadium, trainingground etc. I want to play in a small stadium to make money to build a bigger one. Just some standard upgrades are fine but the engine of FIFA Manager where you can build your own stadium would be perfect. Just like new sponsor contracts.

Imy;m that type of guy that plays Cheap Fifa 17 Coins Xbox One seasons with one team until 2024. But there is never a sponsor switch. Then we have the point we all had. Losing 3 or 4 games in a row. When you play with Arsenal or Manchester United or whatever, losing 4 games in a row means there will be less supporters in a stadium. Same like a cup game Arsenal - Ball over the Fence FC. But still the Emirates Stadium is sold out.- Creation CentreI liked the creation centre concept and would love to see this in career mode. For example, pay 2,5 million pound to design a new away kit for the new seasons. Implementing this wouldnmy;t be that hard, will it? Maybe you can create a new stadium here too.- SupporterThis FIFA supporters had a upgrade but imy;m not that impressed.

Only in the Premier League they added Buy Fifa 17 Coins PS4 some chants, but my;s still not the ambience as in a real game. Also, those random flags in the long side of the stadium botter me. Just like those copy paste flags at the bordings and why is everyone wearing a football shirt of their fifa club? Look at a real stadium mostly the fanatic supporters wear the kits, others are just casual dressed.Besides the improvements gameplay wise these visual improvement will make the game better. Do you agree? And what should I add to the list. BTW imy;m from the Netherlands so sorry for my grammar.


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