Imaginative Essays: How to Follow the Genre of Fiction

Imaginative essays are often defined as fiction stories narrating particular fantastic and enigmatic events. Therefore, students are not limited by the constraints of formal language. Such essays can touch upon various topics, beginning from space travel to the adventures on a desert island.

Due to the vast area of topics, most imaginative essays require a detailed and serious reflection. However, there are some that invite funny and entertaining stories.

How to present a brilliant imaginative essay?

  • First of all, you should attend a movie shop and select a number of fantastic films like “Contact” with Judy Foster, “The Fourth Kind” with Milla Jovovich, or “Lord of the Rings” – everything that can awaken your imagination and creative thinking;
  • When viewing such films, you can make notes to emphasize the scenes that have impressed you most of all. These ideas can be further elaborated in your imaginative essay;
  • Once you have the list of interesting ideas, you may start writing your imaginative essay. At this stage, it is necessary to think over the appropriate stylistic devices that you are going to use for delivering an original imaginative essay;
  • When your imaginative essay is completed, you should reread and check it for grammar and spelling.

Interesting suggestions for an imaginative essay:

  • Your imaginative essay can dwell on the mysterious dreams and their connection to the reality;
  • Your imaginative essay can also touch upon different fictional situations. You can even compile your own story in the form of a fairy-tale;
  • Finally, in your essay you can present a personal vision of future. This topic is the most beneficial since there are no limits for your fantasy. It is up to you to decide whether the forecast will be positive or negative. Feel free to use all your skills.

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