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Is There Any Use of Facebook Shortcuts? Contact Support Number

Need to spare a touch of time? Facebook contains incorporated console alternate routes that make it simpler for clients to explore through its stage. Here are the few hints on the most proficient method to utilize them further bolstering your good fortune. In case you need help, just contact experts through Facebook help support number, if available on the web.

These Facebook shortcuts are intended to productively open connects to Messages, Profile Pages, Friend Requests, and a great deal more. Presently, you can accelerate how rapidly you refresh your Timeline or react to a companion. Be that as it may, these alternate routes are not all that generally known to Facebook clients. Investigate our infographic and turn into a Facebook ace.

Note: If your PC does not contain a numerical console (without numbers as the essential characters) as well as you don't have English set as your essential dialect, you should squeeze "Move" with each of the console alternate ways containing numbers. Likewise, the way toward utilizing these easy routes is somewhat unique when utilizing Internet Explorer. Each time you write the required alternate route, discharge the keys and after that press "Enter."

Make certain to seek out Socialbakers for more tips and traps to help you while you're surfing Facebook. Between us, our next infographic may have something to do with emotions.

Despite the fact that 33% of Facebook clients just utilize the administration on their cell phone, the site is as yet the fundamental approach to get to many capacities and components. Since the interpersonal organization was first worked for the desktop web, it has certain instruments that just don't mean versatile, for example, console easy routes.

Facebook has to a great extent kept similar keystrokes throughout the years, however, some have changed and some have been unobtrusively included as they wound up noticeably required. The most recent rundown of console easy routes (we'll make a point to keep it refreshed) is underneath.

News Feed

Most Facebook clients invest the larger part of their energy in the News Feed, so here is the manner by which to utilize it from your console:

  • P to post another notice
  • J to move down to the following story
  • K to climb to the past story
  • L to like or not at all like the chose story
  • S to share the chose story
  • C to remark on the chose story
  • to open a connection from the chose story
  • Enter/come back to see a greater amount of the chosen story (most stories these days are appeared in full, however)
  • /to go to the inquiry work
  • Q to scan for contacts in Messenger

The last one conveys us conveniently to the following arrangement of console alternate ways.


After the News Feed, the following capabilities to get the most continuous utilize is Messenger, in which you're now utilizing the console a considerable measure. The accompanying console alternate routes require that you either hold CTRL or ALT, contingent upon your working framework, before hitting the relating letter:

  • M to begin another message
  • R to check a message as reading
  • J to stamp a message as spam
  • Y/Z to file or unarchive a message
  • G to seek messages
  • I to go to Inbox
  • U to go to Other

In the event that you overlook any of these, you can hold CTRL or ALT and after that hit, Q to show or shroud the console alternate way list:


This segment depends on your working framework, as well as on your program. For Windows, you'll have to do the accompanying:

  • Web Explorer: Alt + #, at that point Enter
  • Mozilla Firefox: Shift + Alt + #
  • Google Chrome for PC: Alt + #
  • On Mac OS X, here is the thing that you have to know:
  • Safari: Ctrl + Opt + #
  • Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl + Opt + #
  • Chrome: Ctrl + Opt + #

The # image alludes to each of the numbers on your console, which will take you to a particular area on Facebook:

  • 1 is for Home
  • 2 is for Timeline
  • 3 is for Friends
  • 4 is for Inbox
  • 5 is for Notifications
  • 6 is for Settings
  • 7 is for Activity Log
  • 8 is for About
  • 9 is for Terms
  • 0 is for Help


In the event that you overlook any of these, you can hold SHIFT and afterward hit Q (in the News Feed) to show or shroud the console alternate shortcuts. Give a call at Facebook help contact number if any of the shortcuts are not working and troubling you in the completion of the task.

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