Windows 7 is still the most promised Microsoft operating system to date. Is that really reliable?
Although the operating system is regularly updated Microsoft security patches periodically, but there is still a lot of information that Windows 7 has many holes exist. However, there is no official test to prove this problem.
Until recently, when conducting some tests on Windows 7, Bkav security experts have discovered that hackers are still able to exploit vulnerabilities and attacks on the operating system, even gaining authority. control system.
"Although Windows 7 is more secure than Windows XP, you still have to follow basic security principles by not running the software," said Nguyen Minh Duc, director of network security at Bkav. clear origin, not into strange sites ... "
"Whether your computer is safe or not depends on your own consciousness." Technology or the operating system can not completely replace people, "said Duc.
Security experts also recommend that users regularly update their operating system patches, and use a proprietary security software to protect their computers.
Currently, Bkav has not released details of vulnerabilities that hackers can attack on Windows 7.
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