It just took them 10ish hours to figure out their strategies RS Gold

It just took them 10ish hours to figure out their RS Gold strategies, blind, with no guides, from beginning to end. The first groups to clear content in any MMO usually go nearly nonstop for a few days or weeks while they work on it. For everyone else, once the strats get published widely and all you have to do is watch a couple tutorial videos, clearing the content becomes much, much easier.

nickheadFollowForum Posts 481Wiki Points 0Followed by 1Reviews 2 Lists 3 Posted by nickhead  8 months agoCool read, no loot is just insane though. Good for them for not letting it get them down.ProfessorEssFollowForum Posts 7691Wiki Points 149Followed by 97Reviews 0 Lists 11 Edited by ProfessorEss  8 months agocorvak said .

it's long been known that this kind of gameplay doesn't Runescape Gold For Cheap attract players.I'm curious where this finding came from. Is there a study that back this upI ask because from where I'm sitting it seems that this exact kind of gameplay has been attracting plenty of people for a long time now.

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