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Original Title: Kingpin

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller
















































A drug cartel leader and his family try to keep what is "rightfully" theirs.
this show has been type-casted as the Sopranos on daytime TV. But i think this show is as good or if not better than the Sopranos. Kingpin is much more stylish with the camera and music then the Sopranos is and Kingpin hardly eases up there is constant action going on on screen. This show was made to be aired on Cable for the drug and violent content and i do believe this show could of beat out the Sopranos if it was made into a regular T.V. series and if it wasn't so restricted on content, overall if you like the Sopranos then you are more than likely love kingpin and even if you don't like the Sopranos you should give it a try for the massive amount of raw energy put in this TV Show.
I watched nearly all of Kingpin and found it OK. Not great, not terrible, just OK. Comparing anything on TV to The Sopranos is like comparing my daughter's 7th grade themes to John Steinbeck or E.B. White. Migi and Marelene could be interesting character ala Tony and Carmela. There is built in tension with their Mexican and American ethnicity, their lust for power but desire to be "respectable," etc. But these character lack the depth and humanity that the bad guys (and girls) have on The Sopranos. Paulie Walnuts on The Sopranos is a thug but an interesting and funny sort of thug who has mother issues. Chato Cadena is just a thug. That, in my opinion, is the biggest difference in the shows.


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