A good brownie is every chocolate lovers heavenly desert. If you have watched any of my videos, you’ll know that i am a self declared chocolate lover. I came across a bakery called LUCKYGUY BAKERY with a line of very interesting brownies accompanied by an adorable un-lucky bunny ( with its lucky foot  missing ) as its logo.  I just had to find out what they are all about !! They were nice enough to send me 4 brownies to try and review.  These are all hand made brownies with adorable and cute naming schemes. Plus they all include coffee as an ingredient !! 

Hat Trick Brownie: 

Very intensely chocolatey in flavour, extremely tasty and delicious. Texture was a mixture of cake and moist brownie. The coffee flavour definitely came through very good. I loved the dark chocolate flavour. 

Iconic Brownie:

Filled with slabs of dark chocolate. Very moist and amazing texture. Intense amazing chocolate flavour. The dark chocolate slab add a nice crunchy texture to the brownie. The coffee flavour is definitely present and good. 

Nutty Brownie:

They did NOT cheap out on the walnuts in this brownie !!! Huge pieces of awesome delicious crunchy walnuts in the NUTTY BROWNIE. Very moist and gooey and extremely intense chocolatey flavour. 

Gluten Free Brownie:

Had a nice surprise for me !! There was awesome crunchy chocolate pieces in it !!! Intense chocolatey flavour and very moist texture. I did NOT miss the gluten in texture or flavour in this amazingly delicious brownie !!! 

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Comment by David on August 20, 2018 at 1:30am

Thank you for sharing, love the recipe. I think you should share it on the sites with young people (other than youtube) too. For example you could try here because students are using this site a lot. Good luck!

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