Microsoft provides a free Windows 10 Home update for Windows 10 S users

There are reports that Microsoft's Windows 10 S has died. But actually this version is less common because Microsoft offers Windows 10 Home updates for free for Windows 10 S users, so they can make free upgrades and experience the new version.
Windows 10 S is a Windows version that is optimized for security and improves performance. Windows 10 S users are only allowed to use applications available on the Microsoft Store. This is not bad if the Microsoft Store is full of all the applications that users are looking for.
Actually Windows 10 S is not the fastest and safest version of Windows 10 product key. This version is primarily aimed at the education industry, but currently Chrome Book and Macbook are less dominant.
After the release of Windows 10 S, Microsoft allowed users to upgrade their device to Windows 10 Pro for free for a specific period of time, after which users would have to pay $ 49 to make the same upgrade.
Although some reports indicate that Windows 10 S has "died", but actually this version is less common. The reason is because Microsoft provides a free Windows 10 Home update for Windows users.
Previously, Windows 10 S was a separate Windows version, similar to Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro. But now Microsoft office 2016 product key has turned Windows 10 S into a class on Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro. So now Windows 10 S is no longer a separate version of Windows.
Manufacturers have the option of installing a full version of Windows product key and still adding Windows 10 S to their device. The decision to use a full version of Windows or Windows 10 S is in the hands of the user.
But this does not mean that all manufacturers will integrate Widows 10 S on their device. However, it can be certain that Windows 10 S will achieve a significant amount of users as many manufacturers will integrate Windows 10 S on their laptops.
With Microsoft offering a free Windows 10 Home update to Windows 10 S users, we can expect many manufacturers to integrate Windows 10 S on their devices this year.
Huawei, a well-known brand from China that can match Apple or Samsung in the mobile phone market, has launched a beautifully designed laptop, equipped with many new technologies. Huawei's new MateBook X Pro, with its thin bezel, a new configuration, will compete with Microsoft's Surface Pro and Apple's Macbook.

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