More than 100 users sued Microsoft because Windows 10 damaged the hard drive

More than 100 users in Illinois are suing Microsoft and demanding compensation of up to $ 5 million. These people said they were forced to upgrade to the operating system and thought that was the cause of their computer is broken, lost all the data.
Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system has been free for a year since its launch in July 2015. Microsoft, however, is using a variety of ways to convince users to upgrade to Windows 10 even if they do not want to.
"Microsoft claims Windows 10 product key is compatible with most computers," he said in a statement to the court. But they do not really check the status of the computers and whether the hard drive can withstand the upgrade to a new operating system. "
One of the petitioners, Stephanie Watson, said the Windows 10 operating system was automatically updated without consent. Her computer was then unable to operate, damaged the hard drive and lost much important data.
Another person, Robert Saiger, said he had actively upgraded to Windows 10. But Microsoft office 2010 product key has not announced that some software may not work on the new operating system. As a result, his software was no longer working and the data lost.
A spokesman for Microsoft said: "The plaintiff's allegations are groundless and invalid. Microsoft is committed to the free Windows 10 upgrade and calls it the choice to help users get the most secure version of Windows. Every user has the right to refuse to upgrade, or choose to return to the old operating system for 31 days. "
Last year, Microsoft also sued for the same reason. A California woman sued because her computer automatically updated Windows 10 without consent, during the process of updating her computer, damaging data and affecting her work. she Microsoft had to compensate $ 10,000 in the lawsuit.

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