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Movie is a magical thing. Everything that is shown in it automatically becomes famous. People, especially those who have watched a movie might have the desire on having the things that are presented in the movie. Movie fanatics gets curious of having these movie items. Much as well with the food. Movie tends to present foods in its most delectable appearance so as to please the movie viewers. These foods are intended to be mouth-watering. Surely, anyone would be so hungry after they have watched movies with these foods. However, not all foods got their memorable scenes because of their palatability. These have become famous because of some awkward or memorable scenes that come with it.

                If you are not convinced enough, well try to watch these 9movies. Here are some of the movies with foo scenes:

  1. When Harry Met Sally

In this movie, it featured a scene where Sally, played by Meg Ryan, fakes an orgasm while eating a highly custom sandwich at the famous Katz’s Deli in New York City. She did that to prove to Ryan, who is her friend, that women acts great in bedroom. What makes this scene more awkward was when the old lady on the next table heard what Sally did, thee old lady said “I’ll have what she’s having!”


  1. Mrs. Doubtfire

Being a nanny is not a really a joke. This is undoubtedly a difficult job. This is because there a lot of things you have to take care of. In this movie, the late Robin Williams dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire, had almost set himself on fire. He did that when he was cooking. Another memorable scene in this movies was when he plants his face into whipped-cream pie just to disguise himself.


  1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

From the title itself, there is no doubt that it shows foods. However, this movie presents more than that. It also shows glamorous Holly Golightly in her signature little black dress, with other jewelries such as sunglasses, and updo. What’s more indulging is when she enjoys her outfit with a pastry and coffee while looking in the window of Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue. This was shown in the first scene of the movie.


These are just some of the movies with foods accompanied with awkward, memorable or signature scenes. These movies might be old, but the scenes presented in it are memorable enough to give these foods an impact that is carried on until today.

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