National Development of High Energy Burning Laser

High energy burning laser weapons are mainly composed of high energy laser, precision tracking device and beam control system. The key technology of high energy laser weapons development are power, excellent beam quality of the laser, precision tracking device, light weight and anti radiation beam launch control system, laser beam radiation to the target.Laser weapon power, beam quality and focusing mirror size of laser weapons might play decisive role. At the same time, in order to ensure that the laser beam hit to stay for a period of time, to deposit enough energy to kill a target and demanded to aiming device of high accuracy of micro level, require high precision control of beam.

Laser pointer weapon power

The technical difficulty to reach these requirements is quite large. If we can improve the output power of the 100mw Laser Pointer , we can reduce the development difficulty of the tracking device and the focusing mirror. In addition, researchers have improved the laser size using optical sighting the target, and hit the target multiple sites. This kind of design thought to facilitate the focused beam, reduces the requirements on the beam quality, thus reducing the complexity of the system.

Ultra power Laser Htpow

From the point of view, the development of the world's most powerful laser pointer in the world will become one of the main weapon in future war, its application scope will be expanded, including against enemy ballistic missile, satellite and goals.I like the sights and eye relief is good especially for the price. I just put the batteries in just before writing this review and the laser is not working. At this moment I do not know if it's the laser unit or just a bad battery. I'll check it and update my review another day soon. Otherwise the scope seems well built and is very cool. I bought my wife an AR15 for her birthday along with this scope. She loves the "tactical" look. If I simply have a bad battery then I will recommend this scope..if it's a bad laser I'll let you know what kind of service I get and rate it then. Good shooting and God Bless America!

Reviews on laser sight weapon

This green laser is really very bright, sharp and visible out to long distances. It is true that there is no power adjustment, so if this is really important to you because you want to use it indoors at night for example, considering how bright it is, you may want to consider a different product, although you still might be happy with it even for that use, as I am. We'll see over time how well it holds up, but considering how well built it feels and how well it performs, I'm guessing this is a product that is made to last. I couldn't be happier with my purchase, or should I say purchases because I just ordered two more!

So my original review was good but I had a problem with the Laser Sight . Turned out to be my fault and was only a battery issue. The scope works well. I was particularly impressed with the seller who promptly emailed me after reading my review and offered their assistance and assurance that they would stand behind their laser sight . I love this scope and I really appreciate the company values. I look forward to buying another laser pointer soon. I plan to mount 45 degree angle sights on my AR.



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