Odessa girls and how to save some money while dating them

We bet it’s crucial for every traveler to watch his budget. But where is a thin line between the economy and losing your face as a gentleman? Let’s try to analyze together!

Let’s start from the first date. Many men set it up after seeing just a few photos of the girl (or even one photo!), not even knowing if she is serious in her search. Maybe she is not sincere at all and just wants your money? Under the influence of these fears, a man isn’t in romantic mood from the beginning. By statistics, Odessa restaurants became much less popular among the tourists and foreign men take the girls to simple street cafes for just a cup of tea. Things are getting complicated if it’s the evening and a girl is coming from work, tired and hungry. It’s only a half of the problem as the first date can be kept short and the restaurant comes next time, but in addition, some of the men are too straight-forward. Their first words are “I arranged too many dates this week and I cannot feed all the girls with expensive food”. Can you imagine that such a meeting can result in anything nice? Right, it’s impossible! Buy her just a plain tea if you prefer, but at least don’t comment that in a rude manner. You both need a positive partnership and it cannot be built on ignorance.

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The majority of men have doubts whether they should pay for a girl’s taxi or not. First of all, rely on your first impression. Are her eyes and the smile sincere enough? Do you observe any false mimics or gestures, how about the intonation of her voice? Even if you suspect she’s not the most serious one, discipline her with a little amount of money, such as 100 UAH. Find any excuses not to give more even if she claims she lives far, far away. But don’t leave her without a single coin! It’s almost guaranteed that your date will turn into a waste of time and nerves. Be gallant, but reasonable.

What about the second date? What if a girl takes you shopping to a huge mall and explains that her shoe is broken / she has no umbrella / her jacket was stolen / she lost her mother’s favorite earrings? Most probably, she’s a scammer as it’s not very polite to use you as an extra wallet for her needs. Tell her you prepared just some money for the food and her transport. She’ll prefer to have at least something! But if she starts playing drama, leave without any regrets. It’s not for you.

If she suggests having a home-made dinner in your apartment, it’s a better variant. Just go to shop with her and take control over superfluous purchases. Don’t limit her too much but don’t buy extra packs of expensive cheese or salmon that may end in her other boyfriend’s stomach. You never know! Compose the list of products together and follow it.

Sometimes the girls are bringing their close friends or family members to the second meeting. They can also take you to their home and make you acquainted with the parents etc. Observe and analyze everything. You’ll be surprised but sometimes such “family actions” are bad signs too as all the folks are involved into the theatrical play. All of them can be professional “actors” with a big experience. It’s exactly the case if a girl is showing you her miserable district and half-ruined house, or one of her relatives stays in a bed claiming he needs your sponsorship for the medical treatment. Look it’s not Zambia or Burkina-Faso. It’s Odessa, the city of many opportunities and talented people. Tell them you are going to help with time, but not right now. If they don’t ask for your support, don’t make any hints about the gifts, and just kiss your cheeks lavishing you with the best Borsch in Ukraine – then all is fine. Good things happen, and you’re probably in a paradise of honesty and truth.

If it’s your own decision to take your girl shopping, choose the right place wisely. Even if you are short in money, never take her to the second-hand stores like Humana, or to the open markets like Privoz and Novy Rynok. Oh and forget about the 7th Kilometer. It cannot flatter her in any way. Better Google some stock outlet with the good responses and ask her opinion about it. It’s a fair compromise as the quality of the clothes there isn’t much worse than in brand stores, while the price is considerably lower. Always accompany your generous offers with the words: “If you’re happy – I’m happy”. It’s your mantra for conquering a sexy chick from Odessa!

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