Off their back muscles Co turned to the side again do aside triceps yeah then the final shot is called abdominal and thighs where they put their hands behind their heads and flex their thighs and abs any weaknesses that something strong heart is going to be exposed in  poses so that is almost the contest I’m stampeding are the  day he don't want them the athletes are called out in group  for the comparison round the stress level increases as the judges blackline elite  ask flex and Chris to stand side by side be standing there in on the plans in front of , people it's you that's being shows two very being you very Sheldon you stand and it's not your performance as you know you're throwing darts or something or throwing the javelin issue so if a guy hasn't got it together mentally that can be very intimidating to in at the end the prejudging round Flex Wheeler is in first place  points ahead of his friend Chris Cormier was in second the athletes have a short time to rest as the finals won't be until the eveningklux has to be at the top of his game to stay ahead of the pack and big-name the greatest.

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