Office 2013 does not support Windows XP and Vista

Office 2013 features a Windows 8 product key-specific metro interface, which supports transition mode from PC to tablet using Touch Mode.
The launch of Office 2013 (code-named Office 15) reflects most of the development trend of the PC industry today. If its metro interface is designed to optimize the user experience on both traditional PCs and tablets, the built-in SkyDrive storage service on every application in the Office suite allows users Instantly store your data in the cloud and use it wherever you go, when needed.
However, when the user selects to save the text, the system will default to save it on the SkyDrive service, which means that the user has to work extra to store the text on his own computer.
"This is the most promising Office we have ever launched," CEO Ballmer said proudly at the launch of Office 2013 in San Francisco.
Microsoft has now released a trial version of Office 2013 for Consumer Preview, while the official release date and pricing of its new Office suite have not yet been released.
Some of the more noteworthy new features of Office 2013 include inkling support for using stylus stylus and recognition to convert handwriting into text. The Word application also supports the addition of Reading mode, which optimizes the reading experience. Users can also insert videos from online services like YouTube or share directly to social networks.
Another point worth noting is that Microsoft Office 2013 product key will only be compatible with Windows 7 professional product key and above, not support Windows XP and Vista.

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