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Original Title: Project Vampire

Genge: Action,Horror








































A vampire scientist psychically charges the "longevity serum" he sells across the world, making all who use it into vampires loyal to him.
A really terrible movie, really low-budget, with terrible acting, a convoluted and inane plot, a modest reworking of the vampire tales mixed with modern science.

The result is a total mess, without meaning for most parts, with very limited and cheap effects. It is not even fun, like several of the low budget independent movies of this kind

A waste of time This kind of movie defies description. Could anyone have been "inspired" to make it? It's so difficult to get a movie made in Hollywood, let alone get it distributed in any way. How did this thing come in to existence? It's the type of movie that doesn't look like it can have been created, it was just sort of puked up, like a hairball, and someone swept it up and stuck it on the shelf in a particularly low-rent video store. There's no violence, a little boring softcore sex, pathetic acting and nothing engaging to watch. Which is unfortunate because the director seems to have had an idea about film--the opening with the three guys running around is fantastic, I was pulled in immediately. Moments later I found myself thinking about all the chores I had to do, and watching this shovel-full of pseudo-thriller vampire offal made me WANT to do chores instead of watch t.v. And that, at least, really IS scary!

The only treat I found was an extended car chase around Sherman Oaks in 1993, the Tower Records area where I used to hang out during that era. It's all changed now, which is a bummer.

See what I mean? How can you talk about a movie this dull without getting distracted? Oh well, I bought it in the Brentwood "Blood Thirst" 4-pack for "The Passing" which is a thoroughly remarkable and surprising low-budget film and worth the price. See that one instead of this, if you can.


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