Spider-Man: The Dragon's Challenge Movie Free Download In Hindi

Spider-Man: The Dragon's Challenge Movie Free Download In Hindi >>> DOWNLOAD

Original Title: Spider-Man: The Dragon's Challenge

Genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Sci-Fi





































Two episodes of the TV series "Spider Man" edited together and released as a feature.
The Dragon's Challenge cuts back on the wallcrawling, webswinging action of our hero and concentrates on Japanese WWII-inspired political intrigue. How anti-exciting. Don't hire this for your kids because they'll be bored immedietly. Drama and spectacle is few and far between.

It's a boring story poorly told, which shifts to Japan half way through to allow for 20 minutes of sight-seeing (!) obviously funded by the Japanese tourist board.

Ultimately, Spidey simply captures the bad guys and rescues the hostage, who are at the top of a skyscraper, naturally. The political intrigue angle is nicely handled but for a superhero movie, we want supervillains! Evil schemes! Ultimately, the Japanese stuff in the plot is an excuse for kung fu antics that were so much in fashion at the time. A bunch of easily defeated martial artists are no substitute for a good supervillain though, especially ones who can't get within spitting distance of Spidey before he webs them up.

The special affects are fine, and the stunt work is excellent. The wallcrawling sequence with Spidey climbing a huge Japanese skyscraper is the best in the entire series; not only is it an enormous building, but when Spidey gets near the top he turns 90 degrees to check his Spider Tracer device, allowing for some vertigo-inducing P.O.V shots from a stuntman hanging upside down hundreds of feet in the air. Truly impressive stuff.

Unfortunetly, considering so much kung fu is promised, Dragon's Challenge lacks action - there is only one proper fight scene - and just a lot of running around. The saving grace, really, is the awesome music, some of the funkiest jazz known to man. Spider-Man Strikes Back (1978) and Spider-Man (1977) are far better, so catch them instead. Two episodes of the TV series "Spider Man" edited together and released as a feature. Spider-Man: The Dragon's Challenge although for me at least is not as good as Spider-Man Strikes Back i think it was still a very cool TV Movie with 2 episodes edited together that is 1h and 32 minutes of pure fun and entertainment and Nicholas Hammond did once again a really great job with the positives being definitely him and the story was pretty interesting. Also the suit looks different this time and i really liked the more darker red which really made it even cooler but once again the villains were indeed forgettable but some of the action sequences, the performances and the overall show was pretty cool.


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