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A deep fryer is a kitchen electrical appliance that helps in deep frying a food (generally food is submerged in oil) to make it crispy in taste. With the help of deep fryer, you can cook in an efficient manner as it doesn’t allow food to become greasy. Because of the effect of the deep fryer the outside part of the food becomes crispy while the inside is soft, steamed and moist. It also decreases the fat content of the food. As compared to fry pan deep fry is the much feasible option. One should show due diligence and check deep fat fryer reviews and ratings before buying it. Donuts, onion rings, chicken, finger fries etc are the items that can be deep fried.

Safety measure to keep in mind while deep frying

While cooking with deep fryers, the temperature can reach at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, safety measures should be taken in order to fire causalities. Cooking oil is highly flammable liquid so avoid cooking oil contacting direct flames. It is advisable to keep the fire extinguisher at the place of using deep flyer. Do not let water to enter in the fryer or use water to cool or clean the appliance while food is deep frying as water vaporizes easily turning into superheated steam and cause body injury.

Choosing the suitable deep fryer appliance

Buy the deep fryer appliance that comes with immersion heating element. This helps the device to heat quickly and ensures evenly cooking process. It is difficult to clean deep fryer appliance so it is advisable to go for the fryer that has removable oil reservoir to ensure effective cleaning. This feature allows you to remove the oil so that you can save it for another cooking purpose. Another feature that you should check in a deep fryer is a safety chord. Do not trust those models that don’t offer this feature.

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