Warriors is one of gw2 classes as the game released, and now the warriors will be adjusted in the next class balance change scheduled for December to bring them in line with other classes. Warriors currently are exceptionally strong in PvP. In you in PvP, the warrior is your first choice to as your classes.  With the adjust, the warrior maybe down slightly, but you do not worry about that,

The developers will adjust other things to make sure all the things go well. But if the warrior is down, there will lots of troubles will offered to the players, which class the players should choose, and the gear and weapon problems. We believe the developers can not adjusted the class directly, they will take these factors into consideration to let players have little troubles during this adjusted. 

If this adjusted occurred, there will be a thing you should know, which is the ranks. If you need to choose the new classes, your ranks is not as high as original, and you can choose guild wars 2 power leveling to help you to finish it. And the gw2 gold is also necessary for you to have a higher levels.This article is originally written by.


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