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Original Title: Matando Cabos

Genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Thriller










































A dark, offbeat comedy about a group of Mexico City teens embroiled in a kidnapping involving a retired wrestling legend and a parrot.
In Mexico City, the powerful and violent magnate of steel Oscar Cabos catches his daughter Paulina having sex with her boyfriend and his employee Javier "Jaque" and he works Jaque over. On the next day, Jaque pays a visit to Cabos in his office and the angry man comes with a golf club to hit Jaque again. However, Cabos accidentally trips on a golf ball, falls on the floor and faints. Jaque calls his best friend Mudo to help him, but the janitor Nacho finds his boss fainted on the floor and he steals and dresses himself with Cabos' clothes and jewels. Meanwhile, Nacho's son Botcha and his friend Nico have planned to kidnap Cabos and they are waiting for him in the parking garage. When he walks in the parking garage, the two kidnappers hit him on the back of the head, believing that he is Cabos, they cover his head with a bag. They head with the abducted man to the house of Botcha's girlfriend Lula. Meanwhile, Jaque and Mudo calls their wrestler friend Ruben "Mascarita" and his midget partner Tony 'El Canibal' to help them to get rid of Cabos in his birthday party. But both plans do not work well along the night.
I attended a special screening for this movie and I was quite surprised to see two Mexican aspiring actors writing and starring their own motion picture. The premise of the movie is that it was done by people under the age of thirty. Thus, it is intended to be enjoyed solely by this sector of the population. This film noir that uses black comedy as well as screwballism is very funny indeed and it is very inventive. The presence of only two well known actors (Pedro Armendáriz and Ana Claudia Talancón) increases the audience's interest in the plot itself. One problem that this movie faces is that it has too many things to tell and very little time. It is possible for the spectator to find it slow at times, but it's ending is well worth the wait. Newcomers galore in this wonderful Mexican production. This movie represents Mexican cinema that is well done and that has right support. I recommend it strongly. **** out of 5 stars.
Matando Cabos is a complete tribute to Pulp Fiction and some other American movies, that if it wasn't for the language (spanish) and the little parody of El Santo (which is one of the few highlights of this movie)I wouldn't know that this is a Mexican film. Those dialogues extracted literally from Taxi Driver in one scene? a shame. This movie is done by some fancy kids with the intention to glorify the Tarantino style and a type of American cinema that doesn't need more cheers than the one that has already been giving in the USA, but if you are already out of ideas and you wanted to do a Tarantino dirty stylish Mexican film at least you should have written those typical adapted Reservoir Dogs dialogues strong and smart enough to keep out that boring "we already seen that and better" feeling.

Why all this new self-made Mexican film-makers can't come with original ideas or at least with a homemade tribute? The movie felt like a sequel of Nicotina (a Mexican copycat of Snatch and Smocking Barrels), it makes me feel like there is no Indio Fernandez, no Almada Brothers, no Pedro Armendariz's father! to honor so we have to honor foreign concepts. All right, there is some good earn funny moments, very chilango moments too, in the movie but where is no substance there is nothing good enough to make our film industry a worthy one, let's not say a good representation of the Mexican way of life with all those cartonish characters like the ones in Matando Cabos. It's abundantly clear that Lozano and company have been re-watching "Pulp Fiction" for the last decade, pausing long enough to pick up the fluid rhythms of "Y Tu Mamá También" and "Amores Perros" while completely missing those films' social and political edges.


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