The metal latch provides a good amount of adjustability

The only familiar thing about the Band 2 is its narrow, rectangular display. Almost everything else has changed, and for the better. Gone is the flat screen and bulbous all-black design of the previous model. The strap is now substantially wider, by a significant 3. 5mm, and a larger curved AMOLED display takes centre stage.

Metal edges surround the bright, clear  cheap csgo skins   screen and roll around the rear. Even the adjustable clasp is now made from metal. The Band 2 is arguably what the first band should have looked like in the first place.

Wrap it around your wrist, and the biggest improvement is immediately obvious - it's now quite comfortable to wear. The metal latch provides a good amount of adjustability, and the wider, more pliant strap means that getting a snug fit doesn't end up cutting off the blood supply to your hand. Personally, I found the original Band was either too loose or too tight - and often unpleasantly uncomfortable - so this is a huge step forward.

One thing that remains is the proprietary charging cable, although Microsoft has tweaked the design. Instead of attaching to the rear of the display as with the original, this now snaps magnetically to the end of the strap, with small plastic prongs helping to hold it in place. The best news, though? The Microsoft Band 2 charges from empty to 80 percent in half an hour, with the final 20% taking another hour to trickle-charge.

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