Top-10 Russian dating sites: your best guides in love life

Online dating has its own nuances in every country. Men who just want exotic adventures, would rather go to Thailand or Cuba, but those who need a classy wife equipped with a sense of style and family values, shall definitely chose Russian ladies. Because of their popularity, it’s widely discussed on the Internet which sites are effective and which ones are just a fraud. Let’s take a look at the top-list of very best Russian dating services.

Number 10:
We put this site with the “talking name” to the last position simply because it isn’t purely Russian, but it’s very effective and worthy of your attention. The three American founders of this site also married model-looking Russian girls, proving it really works. The girls there may look too glamorous but their identities are verified and their correspondence is checked so any scammers and spammers are to be quickly detected. The secret is that LoveMe is in fact a product of well-known dating company AFA (A Forein Affair). It already had a good reputation even before the site started working, so it’s indeed a brilliant alliance that brings great and frequent results in matchmaking. We would add it’s not totally free but affordable.

Number 9:
Also the site doesn’t proclaim it offers exactly Russian dating, it is full of nice Russian girls’ photos. The girls are mostly young and comparatively natural-looking. Even if not all of them are gorgeous model, they are cute and cozy and that attracts a lot. Moreover, you can exchange letters with them for free and pay only for extra options, such as instant messaging, videochats, and romantic tours. The site also provides useful dating tips and has many real success stories.

Number 8:
Many things are said about this expensive and rarely effective platform, but we cannot totally exclude it from the Top-10 Russian dating sites. Men admit that girls on Anastasia are of great quality and many of them can be really met in their city. Another thing is that girls aren’t all sincere in their intentions. The site is checking their documents and verifying their identity but it’s impossible to predict what’s on person’s mind. Luckily we live in era of social networks and the administration of the site is using this advantage and checking whether the girl is really single or not. Anyway, male users still seem addicted to AnastasiaDate and keep their membership going.

Number 7:
This site isn’t a pay-per-letter type and it contains a big database of women from different countries, but mostly from Russia. The photos are way too professional but the women mostly look like sweet homewives which makes them more trustworthy. The site proclaims their profiles are thoroughly checked and the anti-scam system allows to avoid negative experiences. It’s still a bit costly though as only Premium membership is letting you use all suggested options.

Number 6:
It places a higher position in our top Russian dating sites simply because it’s totally free. Also the registration is fairly simple and quick. There are many casual photos of the girls so you know for sure how they really look. It has disadvantages too though. Since the site doesn’t get much profit, it doesn’t check the girls’ profiles and identity, and doesn’t have any anti-scam system. It results to hundreds of fake profiles or fraudsters, so male users should rely on their logic and psychological skills and to filter the sincere girls by themselves. There are some, so it’s the cheapest way to meet a Russian girl.

Number 5:
Don’t mix this site with Russian-Women-Personals that has lots of fake profiles. The has a big and well-checked database of female profiles and it’s also totally free. It’s an advantage for men who have to watch their budget. Even extra services are for free! The girls aren’t the top beauties but their casual photos can frankly show you how they look in real life. Despite the free service, the site provides the anti-scam defence: you can send your complaint to the administrators if a girl asks you to send her the money. It’s easy to do by pushing the button “Report abose”. Also there is a convenient option of Birthday notifications.

Number 4:
This site is also totally free and the profiles of the girls are usually genuine. There is a huge, even enormous database of them. We don’t put it on the 1st place simply because it’s all in Russian. It doesn’t provide the translation service and the girls there don’t speak much English either. For sure, it’s a big inconvenience. But if you use Google translator or other translating devices, you will enjoy the advantages of the site to the fullest, as it is used by many real Russians and Ukrainians.

Number 3:
This site resembles as it’s extremely popular among Russians. It is also for free but very effective, still. Millions and millions of profiles provide you with a good assortment of natural-looking females to chose from. You can filter them automatically by a big variety of criteria. However, you should consider the language issue and be prepared to compete with local men. Some of the girls expect to find exactly locals and aren’t ready to relocate so you’ll have to enchant and convince them.

Number 2:
Almost all foreigners interested in dating Russian women, know about this site. If you’re just a beginner, we can tell you it’s really good and genuine. It’s not totally free, but it allows you to exchange direct contacts with a girl. The messages aren’t censored. There are both casual and professional photos of the girls and the older ladies prevail as they are more serious in their intentions.

Number 1:
This site is a product of well-known international dating agency with a great reputation. The girls look maximally natural and their identity is verified. The database is over 1.5 million and the translation service is provided. You can sign up for free, complete your profile in the fastest way, and chat with the girls for free.

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