When there is no the precision movement

You must know the attack players should exchange their place for more times, just because it can leave more space for players to have the opportunities to score a goal to get the experiences fifa14 points to buy better players. And now, you do not worry about the problem of exchange place. There will be the precision movement for you.  For the past two years,

The FIFA team has been developing step-based locomotion technology that will enable players to move around the pitch in the most realistic way possible. Because of having this new technology, the precision movement is important for all 22 players on the pitch, and every step counts as players pivot, plant, cut and shift momentum with true explosiveness and agility.

When there is no the precision movement, the players can change direction almost instantaneously, but it was limited to turn within 23 degrees. Now in FIFA 14, the players can move into any place they want, but the decelerate, you should count the additional steps. The precision movement eliminates the unrealistic foot sliding, and all the steps in useful to help you to reach your goals. This article is originally written by,


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