Windows 8 is "drowned out" in the birthday of 2 years old

October 26 marked the two-year milestone Windows 8 was introduced, but on this occasion, Microsoft's PC maker Dell is taking advantage of Windows 7 advertising, with the slogan "Windows 7 for the winner "On his website.
Dell has just taken a move probably will make software company Microsoft is not very happy. On the second birthday of Windows 8 (released on October 26, 2012), instead of saying "good" for this operating system, the US computer company is trying to promote Windows 7, the operating system which Microsoft wants users to remove and upgrade to newer Windows 8 product key.
Specifically, when visiting the Dell home page, users will see a slogan "Win 7 for the win" (Windows 7 for the win).
Dell's move comes from the fact that Windows 7 is about to stop selling. PC makers will only be able to buy Windows 7 (consumer version) licenses until October 31 for use on new PCs. After the deadline, they will have to buy a new version of Windows than Windows 8. For older PCs that have bought Windows 7 licenses, PC manufacturers are still selling until the end of the row.
One note is that this deadline applies only to Windows 7 editions for general users. Windows 7 Professional product key with more advanced features targeted at business users continues to be sold by Microsoft.
For users, after the October 31 deadline, if you want to buy a new PC, they will have two options. Firstly, look for old models that are licensed under Windows 7, which are models that the manufacturer has left over for sale; Second is to buy newer models but install Windows 8 / 8.1. The new operating system, although much improved compared to Windows 7, but the use of a completely new user interface makes many people find it difficult. However, in the latest updates to Windows 8, Microsoft has adapted such as allowing users to boot directly into the traditional desktop interface - the same interface as on Windows 7.
In addition, Microsoft is also developing a new Windows version of its successor to Windows 8: Windows 10 product key. The company has just released the Technical Preview of the operating system earlier this month. As expected, the official version of Windows 10 will be released in the middle of next year.

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