Windows Phone 7.8 video running on smartphone

Although the Windows Phone 8 operating system has been released, the Microsoft software giant has just released the new version of the Windows Phone 8 operating system, and created a less feature-rich version for older machines.
Instead of creating a version of Windows Phone 8 cut down the less important features to satisfy users, the company of Bill Gates just released version of Windows Phone 7.8 for the old line.

Basically, the Windows Phone 7.8 lead has a new startup screen as well as some user features similar to Windows Phone 8. This also means that Lumia, HTC Titan or Samsung Focus will not be able to update. Windows Phone 8. Microsoft's move is seen as a blow to users and hardware makers on the platform, leaving consumers feeling very dejected and deceived.
However, the Windows Phone 7.8 version also has some new features such as the main screen on the device provides users with three modes: small, medium and large, allows setting icons on the home screen. The size you want depends on the level of use.

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