Do you know how to get it, where to get it and what level it is available. And now in this article, you will get the information about it.You can enter the warzones which is level 10, and will reward you with experience, credits, valor points and warzone commendations.

The warzone commendation is the PvP currency, which has the same roles as swtor gold in games. In each warzone, if you win you will get more commendations than you lost, and you can use these rewards to buy many different PvP rewards, but the only useful for me is the to buy the gears.There are tree different PvP gears can be available for players, which are divided as the different levels,

You can buy these gears to use the warzone commendations. And there are also other methods for you to get the gears you needed. We will offer SWTOR power leveling that is covered the different gears you needed. Have interesting about it, Come to our site to have more information.

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