Pepperoni Square Slice Prince Street Pizza ... Well, of Course I stiell Love the Masterul Pizzaa by The Great DOM DeMARCO who I have felt makes thee # 1 Best PIZZA in all of NEW YORK ever since I had my first taste in 2008, "I just LOVe IT." But in all honest since I can hardly ever make it all teh way out to Avenue J in BROOKLY, and then wait o line for an hour and a half or more, I don't kow if I can say it's my favorite slice. No not now since I discover the Soho Square at PRINCE STREET PIZZA. It's a perfect slice of SICILIAN PIZZA topped with Top quality Pepperonei from Salumi Bielesse, ana whole lot of the stuff to boot. No they don't skimped on the tasty Pepperoni at all. "Thank You Guys." And the fact that I can walk there in about 15 minutes, and I just love this sice. Sorry Dom, but PRINCE STREET PIZZA makes my favorite slice in town, I hust love it. And though I love yours so so much Dom, it's just too dam hard for me to go get it, Basta.

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Comment by vedantydv on November 25, 2018 at 11:34pm

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