Burmese Food Burmese Cuisine Burmese Restaurant in Stanton Irrawaddy Taste of Burma

Irrawaddy Taste of Burma is a one of a kind destination restaurant where you will experience the spices of India, the richness of China, and the intricacies of Thailand. Burmese cuisine stands on its own for being unique, flavorful, and healthy. Burmese food has an amazing array of traditional recipes that date back hundreds of years. Featured dishes include the Tea Leaf Salad, Coconut Salmon, Samusa, and Nan Gyi Thote. Irrawaddy Taste of Burma in Stanton, CA. For takeout or catering for your next special event, visit or call: Irrawaddy Taste of Burma 7076 Katella Ave, Stanton, CA 90680 Phone: (714) 252-8565 irrawaddytasteofburma.com

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