Healthy Wrap Recipe | Vegetarian Tortilla

Healthy Veggie Wrap Tortilla Recipe - beautiful vegetarian meal, that brings out fresh flavor of colorful veggies and fresh mint! Perfect breakfast or lunch idea, light but at the same time fulfilling pre or post training snack. Healthy flourless tortilla, made with oats, mixed with raw veggies, pea filling and fresh mint - Try it! Make it even more colorful & enjoy it! Let me know how you like it :)

NUTRITION FACTS (per 1 serving):
- Calories .............. 228 kcal
- Protein .................. 11 g
- Total Carbs ........... 32 g
- Total Fat .................. 7 g

INGREDIENTS (for 2 servings):

- 1 egg
- 1 tsp salt
- ½ tsp baking soda
- little water
- 50g blended oats
- 1 tsp olive oil

- 1 cucumber
- 1 carrot
- spinach leaves
- 100g cooked pea / tin pea
- mint leaves

1. Whisk one egg, salt, baking soda, olive oil, little water and blended oats together in a bowl.
2. Leave the mixture stay for 15 min.
3. Meanwhile, slice one small cucumber and a carrot into noodles, with vegeable spiral slicer.
4. Blend cooked pea (or pea from a tin) with a dash of salt into a smooth filling.
5. Cook tortillas over medium heat on each side until tiny bubbles appear and both sides become lightly brown.
6. Spread on tortillas pea filling, and cover it with cucumber and carrot noodles, few fresh spinach and mint leaves.
7. Wrap tortillas, serve them & enjoy this new fresh taste!

Preparation time: 30min



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