Joe does a quick cooking demonstration on how to properly and easily cook a hamburger on the bbq grill. The cooking techniques and tips in this cooking demonstration can be used to cook your hamburger on the stove, gas grill, or charcoal grill. Joe is doing this demonstration in front of Metlife Stadium during one of his NY Jets Tailgate parties. The grill featured in this video is a Crown Verity MCB48, the official grill of TailgateJoe. Crown Verity makes the best commercial and high performance grills and outdoor cooking equipment money can buy. The hamburger patty used in this video is from Pat LaFrieda, the #1 meat purveyor in New York.

--About TailgateJoe--
TailgateJoe is the biggest and best game day fan club and tailgate party for the New York Jets. TGJ is also one of the largest organized game day fan clubs in the NFL. Joe and his gang are a fixture at Metlife Stadium for Jets home games as well as a number of other stadiums when the Jets are playing on the road.
The two things that set TailgateJoe apart from other organized tailgate parties are the food and Joe himself. The food is awesome, we use the best ingredients and purveyors possible to bring top quality food to the parking lot. This includes burgers using custom blends of short rib and brisket from Pat LaFrieda, steaks and beef from Creekstone Farms, Italian sausage from the greatest pork store in NYC, Esposito's, fresh baked rolls made for us by Royal Crown Bakery, and New York microbrew beer from Kelso of Brooklyn. Also, Joe and his gang are NOT pro food people or caterers and TGJ is NOT a commercial business. We are simply a group of diehard Jets fans and season ticket holders who have been doing this for years and decided after years of organic internal growth to open our party to the public to share in the camaraderie of fellow Jets fans like us.
Everyone is always welcome to join us on game day, check out for more info.

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