How to Sharpen Your Knife

To sharpen your knife you are going to need a sharpening stone which you can easily order online.
Place a wet towel underneath the sharpening stone to keep it from sliding and to avoid injury.
Place your thumb against the blade of the knife while holding the knife from its handle with your other hand.
Hold the knife at a 15 degree angle and place the tail end of the knife against the rougher grit side of the stone.
Start sliding the knife over the stone with 3-5 smooth fluid passes, starting from the tail end to all the way to the tip of the knife.
Once done with one side, turn the knife around and complete the exact steps again for the opposite side.
When done turn the sharpening stone over to its smoother grit side and sharpen your knife as explained above
To hone your knife you will need a honing steel, which you can easily obtain from any online vendors.
The purpose of the honing steel is to pull the blade of the knife together while realigning its blade after sharpening.
To start hold your knife at a 15 degree against the honing steel and start making smooth fluid motions from top to bottom, from the tail end to the tip of the knife.

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