Marijuana Pizza with Cannabis Olive Oil Infusion Cooking with Marijuana #23

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With the relaxation of cannabis laws across the USA, there has been a rise in the use of edibles. Traditionally, people put cannabis in chocolate brownies, but more and more people are using different foodstuffs for ingesting cannabis. One of these is pizza!
How do you make the perfect Cannabis Pizza? Read on to find out.

Ingredients Required for Cannabis Pizza:

• Cannabis-infused olive oil (with the cannabis strain of your choice)
• Baking yeast (5g)
• 200g of flour
• Warm water
• 0.5 tbsp of sugar
• 2 chopped tomatoes
• Salt
• Pepper
• Oregano/Rosemary
• Mozzarella
• Topping of your choice. This can be anything from pepperoni, to mushrooms, to pineapple, whatever takes your fancy. There is also the option to buy pizza dough from the store if you don’t want to make your own.


If you have not bought pizza dough, you can make the dough on your own by first mixing a glass of warm water with your baking yeast, adding some salt, and then the sugar.

Take a bowl and add a pinch of salt, before adding 4 tablespoons of cannabis-infused olive oil, as well as 200g of flour. Make sure you then mix this altogether before you then add the yeast mix. The kneading process can then begin. You can knead for around 10 minutes and do so until the mixture is elastic rather than sticky. Then, carefully cover the dough using Saran wrap and leave in a warm place for 1 hour.

For those of us who are using pizza dough bought from the supermarket, at this stage, make sure you add 2 tbsp of cannabis-infused olive oil. After doing this, we would recommend letting the dough rest for quarter of an hour.

Now, you make the pizza sauce by mixing the tomatoes, oregano, rosemary and salt & pepper together with 0.5 of a cup of warm water into a pan, which is being heated. Let the pan simmer for quarter of an hour until you notice that the sauce has been reduced. Make sure you add water if the sauce gets a little too low. If you think that the sauce is a little too watery, just boil the water off.

After leaving your dough for an hour, you can then roll the dough out and apply the sauce over the dough. You can then add your toppings. Now, put the pizza in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 200°C. The pizza will be ready when it turns a golden brown color.

When eating the pizza, make sure you eat in moderation. We would recommend that you wait 20 to 30 minutes between each slice, or you will suffer from “couch lock”. Enjoy!

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