Rutt's Hut
417 River Rd
Clifton, NJ 07014
(973) 779-8615

Here you go BOYS and GIRLS "NEW YORK'S BEST HOT DOGS" they in New Jersey .. Yes at RUTT'S HUT in Clifton, NJ .. Rutt's Hut is The Home of The "RIPPER" and "The WORLD'S GREATEST HOT DOGS" Yes! New York has some good dam DOGS, like NATHAN'S FAMOUS, Gray's Papaya and Griff Dogs which took its model fron New Jersey Rutt's Hot and other Great JERSEY DOGS ... The serve and pay tribute to RUTT'S HUT and the "RIPPER" Griffs has a RIPPER (Deep Fried Hot Dog) on their menu. Forget about the Famed New York "DIRTY WATER DOG" I got sick on one of those 12 years ago and Never had another again.. But NY does have some great stands like GRAYS PAPAYA (Mostly Hot Dogs) and of Course the famous "NATHAN'S FAMOUS" on Coney Island in Brooklyn, Home of The World Famous World Cahampion Hot Dog Eating Contest held every Fourth of July on the Boardwalk in Coney Island directly in front of NATHAN'S .. Abide!

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